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Thursday, 16 November 2017

GNLD Super Gro

Super Grow Benefits
GNLD SuperGro is a new product from Neolife International that makes crops grow fast without any sign of disease and can also be use on fish farming or poultry farming so they grow very fast. It is not harmful to their health. GNLD products are not chemical based products, they are made from Nature. The product just joined GNLD Nigeria ranges. It has been accepted by the ministry of agriculture in Nigeria and so many farmers have started using it with positive result. The product was found to be so effective that robbers clean out two warehouses in 2017 due to high demand.
Feel free to use it on your farm as it has been given NAFDAC number to give you that guarantee.

Click here for how to use it. Discover the best way and time to use it.

If you are searching for chemicals or fertilizers that is safe for your crops; this is your best choice of fertilizer.  Your crop will not have disease, grow better and will last longer especially if you want your crops to command good price or use them in your next farming season.
There are lots of fertilizers in the market made with NPK.
Experience equal growth on your farm

Super Gro Helps Farmers Grow bigger fish and healthy chickens
It can be use by those fishing in mud, concrete, plastic and earth ponds.
It can be use with few chickens or large numbers without side effect when apply properly to chicken farms.

Benefits For fish farming
Your fish will not die or eat themselves
Your fish will grow equally and not some big and others small
There will be enough oxygen in the pond for your fish
You will not need to change water daily and that will save time and energy
The water PH level will be balance
There will be no scurrying- scars on your fish

It will make your fish clean when compare to others
There will not be offensive odors and as it is hygienic to use.
There will be enough phytoplantkton in your pond.

Benefits for poultry farming
Your chickens will grow faster as you feed them and weight heavy
It will also prevent your chicken from swollen head and poor appetite

Your chickens will not experience disease common to them like fowl pox or cholera which usually kill them
It will boost your chicken immunity so they resist cold and quail disease and other health challenges
Your chickens will grow equally and weight better so you can sell and make more money.
Poultry farmers usually have flu or fowl plague that can wipe their farm but with this your chicken will be safe
It will prevent itching due to lice or other factors that wipe off their feathers. They will have complete feathers and attractive to buyersll
Layers will not drop while laying – Egg drop sydrome

There are two sizes. They are 5 litres and 250ml but we only have the 5 litre in gnld Nigeria.
If you want you can request for 250ml or one litre and it will be made available for you. Having said that, be careful to buy original product as it can be mixed with water and you will be buying just water. You won’t get above listed benefits if you buy fake super gro.  Make sure you order from authorized gnld distributor and the price should not be too cheap. If too cheap, it may be you are buying fake or over diluted type.

GNLD Video
View super gro testimonial video below and see how farmers are having bumper harvest using this wonder drop.
Save money by registering as member, you don’t need to pay any money to join as member. Just fill this form and submit and you will be given the member price. Enjoy over 50% discount. You also get free consultation if you register as member.

Farmer Losses

A poultry farmer lost over 200 birds by using gnld super gro wrongly.  But after he consulted me, he is now happy and he said his chicken weight heavier and that makes him make more money. If you have gotten this gnld products from a distributor who could not guide you on how to use it properly on fish or farm, you can pay a little consultation fee of N2,000 to Okpubigho Mercy, Zenithbank 2000537711 and send your email address to receive full details. This will prevent you from losses especially in poultry farming and fish farming. Since this product was not originally made for chicken or fish, you need proper guide so as to get what you want.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Headache & Supplement You Can Use

Causes of Headache If you are suffering from headache or migraine headache there are supplement you can use in addition to whatever you are using right now to end it.

Headache is pain in the head. There are many type of headache like the migraine headache that is localized on section of the head. No matter the type your healthcare provider might have given some medication. If you notice it returns frequently, a deficiency might contribute so you need to add a Neolife products combination in the correct dosage that has worked for customers for years.

Buy Now!
First products to start with vitamin B complex or add to other supplement if this has been a long time health issues.

If you need to know what cause constant headache and symptoms of migraine or you are searching for migraine treatment you can use effective combination of gnld products to achieve this. All you need is get them from a trained gnld distributors or else you might waste your money. The reason is that supplements cannot replace medication, so you need somebody telling what to remove from your diet that prevent effectiveness and you the correct dosage that works.  If you order from this online store that has been in the business for the pass 17 years you can be sure you will get the result you wanted. You will also have the chance to get free consultation on your health issue.

But if you have already bought Neo life Vitamins or any other food supplements and want to get the result you can also pay a little consultation fee of N3,000  and get the result you want.

What cause headache or Migraine?
Any deficiency in our diet or over stress of organs with parasites or lack of rest can be the result but here are few you need to get rid of to get permanent result.

1. Lack of balance sugar level
2. Lack of proper rest, stress or sleep
3. Typhoid fever
4. Certain foods

Order your package at gnld nigeria online store at

Already bought your package and don't know how to use your food supplements to get the result you want? Do you want a consultation on how to use GNLD Products and get your desire result ? You can call Mercy to arrange consultation after you have paid a little consultation fee of N3,000. You can pay this to Growing Team IBTC bank account No. 0011759079 and send your email address to receive consultation or call for a discussion.

Will you like to start using GNLD Neolife products and buy them cheaper? Register as member today. It is FREE! Enjoy huge discount. This offer is not going to last forever. GRAB IT NOW!
Click to register with code 1309
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Buy at our furniture stores

Thursday, 21 September 2017


If you see a genuine online investment site that pays her investors 5% of their capital every 30 days will you invest? If yes, we suggest you invest with us.

Growing Team Shop is founded by Mrs. Mercy Okpubigho and is running a healthcare products and ebooks business online and offline.

The company came online few years and now we need to expand as we have discovered that there is a huge potentials to reach more customers. The only challenge and is big to us is trying to meet customers' demand of PAY ON DELIVERY nationwide.

The company has tested the online waters and discovered that it is very lucrative and now source for other forms of inflow capital to meet this pay on delivery demand after it has exhausted all its capital in meeting those agreed to pay before taking delivery.

Growing team has its physical shop at Emute Plaza, (google map) at Enerhen near Warri and has a branch at Timber Block along Redemption Road, Gbagada opposit Neolife International. To be on google map means, you are verified business present online. That is to our credit- we know what we pass through to get verified by google.

The company has an online ecommerce store at and a blog about its health products at It also has a special member site for loyal customers who buy frequently health products at have code to enter site), this is to keep more customers returning to do business with us and allow the company to have steady customers and remain in business.

Growing Team is registered in Nigeria and has RC No. since 2011. Before this time, the CEO - Mrs. Mercy Okpubigho has been running it alone but now has staff strenght of 10 who help to deliver products in area the company can handle right now. We have 2 staff doing pay on delivery in Lagos, 1 in Abuja, 2 in Warri and 1 in Enugu and others work in the office.  Those cities are the area we can handle for now and that give us just 2% of the market we have discovered online. This also means we lose about 98% of customers who refuse to pay before delivery.

There are many source of getting a loan but their terms is so strict that you will almost forget about your dreams. But we don't want lose hope hence we have decided to go online to see if someone who has money and want the money to work for him can invest with us.

The health industry is booming and we want you to be part of it by investing any amount you can with us and we can guarantee that you will get 6% of your capital every month at an agreed date. We into realistic business and not into Forex, Ponzi or get rich quick scheme. But we know we can steadily pay 6% every 30 days, we have tried this with few closed friends who had invest little amount with us without problem. If you want need proof of this, we can give you documents and you can call them to confirm this.

If we can have funds, we can reach many cities like Kano, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Minna Yola, Zaria, Gombe, Katsina, Calabar, Bonny Island, Forcados, Benin, Bayelsa, Umuahia, Aba, Asaba, Ikorodu, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Akure, Ilorin, Osogbo, Uyo, Owerri, Nnewi, Onitsha, and more. We mentioned these cities because we have lots of customers placing orders that refuse to pay to get their order. They want us to do pay on delivery.

We will like to have to raise a minimum of N5,000,000 and expand from there.
If you are ready to invest, you can start with any amount.  Due to online trust issues, you can call and we can book appointment to discuss further about this.  But if you are an online expert and can perform a search about our business and know that we are a genuine company running a very honest business, you can request for the investment agreement form and we can mail it to you to fill and return to us. After that you can make payment of the amount you fill to our suppliers account.
Our major suppliers are GNLD LTD for Nutritional supplements and Oriflame company for perfumes and cosmetic. We shall provide you with their account numbers and when you have paid, just send us the amount paid and we will sign the agreement form and return to you. This will give you an assurance as these companies are big co-operate companies and no can withdraw cash from them. This means your investment is really going to be use for the business as we will use it to purchase products to delivery to customers nationwide.
We have also test this, asking customers to make transfer when they get their order and 70% of them comply which means, we may not touch your investment as it will be passing from the company to the customers and back to the company account for further use.
This means, if you are to invest with us, we will not demand you invest by paying into our company or director accountSbut to our suppliers account.

We will agreed on a date (which is stated on the agreement form) to pay your interest monthly and the date you want the return of your capital. We shall appreciate people who can leave their investment with us for 2-5 years.

We promise to do our part by servicing customers and getting repeat sales so as to meet your interest and also make some profits for ourselves.

If you are interested, call Mrs. Mercy Okpubigho on 08035394569 or 08024594410 to discuss or book appointment to discuss about your participation in our growth online.

You can visit our online store, our blog and our member site to see our seriousness about this plan.

Note: As an incentive all our investors will be given one health product for free every month for helping to grow.

Act now! call Mercy on 08035394569 or 08024594410 to discuss or book appointment to discuss about your participation in our growth online. Request for the agreement form today.

We are waiting for your support.
CEO, Growing Team

Displaying my red passport.jpg

See some our hot selling health packages and our eBooks and more when you see our websites.
Displaying Immunity boosting supplement package.jpgDisplaying libido or erection package.jpg

Displaying Cataract package2.jpgDisplaying Asthma supplement package2.jpg

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

BUSINESS | Network Marketing

How To Make Money in Network Marketing

Small Business Ideas in Nigeria.

You were searching for a business or how to make money and landed here to get full presentation about the mlm business or network marketing business opportunity we have for you.
We want to introduce to you the Neolife network marketing business. We told you to become a distributor and use any package below of your choice. All you need to start making money with this business plan is to register with any amount you can afford and register 3 persons to start earning as shown in the images.

When you market 7 packets of Provitality every month you will make a profit of N29,680 and as soon as you register 3 persons who do the same you will receive extra bonus monthly from the company. Yes, you will receive a small bonus of N20,000 monthly for having 3 people working with you - each marketing 7 packets of Provitality.

The wonder of network marketing come to play when your 3 persons register their own 3 persons each as shown in the image above. This will take you to the stage 2 earning chart of N120,000 monthly.
Want to earn over N300.000 monthly? Introduce another set of 3 and have a total of 39 downlines that is marketing 7 packets each. When you enter this 3rd stage you have join those receiving over N300,000 monthly. This is the simplest business idea that can take you from financial struggles to financial freedom. This is one of the best business ideas you can tap into.

To get started just filled the application attached or fill the online application form here. When you fill it we will receive it and wait for your payment.

To secure your payment in this business idea, you don't need to pay to individual account but all you need is transfer directly your choice of package to GNLD Ltd. Zenithbank 1010248345 and send details of payment to Mercy 08035394569 or Samuel 08070771641 and your registration form will be forwarded to the company to process and send to the nearest FeDex courier office close to you to pick up.  

While waiting for your entrepreneur kit to arrive you can start the 10 days on training to understand the opportunity better. Register here:10 days online training
Our team will support you by referring interested people in your city to you so you can grow faster.
The online training will show you all you need to know with this business plan and start making over N300,000 monthly.

We urgently need serious minded persons  as team members to earn residual income as they work from home using this platform in the following cities. Abuja, Lagos, Benin, Abeokuta, Ibadan, Enugu, Uyo, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Kano, Adamawa, Umuahia, Lokoja, Markudi, Maidiguri, Kaduna, Jos, Gombe, Asaba, Aba, Bayelsa, Onitsha, Ikorodu, Offa, Akure, Oshogbo and Warri.

We shall place your Name and address at our online store for free and give you an affiliate links that you can promote for free and make money online 24/7 as people everywhere can order our health products through your affiliate links.

You can join the affiliate programs for free and does not required you join the Neolife Business first.
Click here to join and you will get your own online store to promote and earn commission weekly.

If you fill the application form and make payment this week, you could be the lucky person in your city to get all others interested persons and customers in your city. Start today, application form here  NOW!

If you still have questions you can read our blog to get answers or call Mercy during working hours to help you on +2348035394569 or Samuel on +2348070771641. Strictly during working hours and we don't respond to flashing no matter how many times. We are only ready to help people who are serious and want to get out of financial struggles.

Here are the are packages you can chose from to start your own Neolife business.
Starter/Part-Time Business Pack.
Here you will start with just N16, 250 and you will receive one food supplement called Provitality. You need to market a minimum of 7 packets of Provitality a month and introduce 3 other persons who can join your team to do the same. Provitality has 36 points and so if you market 7 you will achieve 252 points.
Manager Business Package.
You can start this package with N95, 000 and get very hot selling products. This package come with 250 points.
.You will receive in your business package the following vitamins and supplements.
· Provitality 2 packets
· Tre-en-en 2 bottles of 120 capsules
· 1 Litre LDC
· 6 small bottles of Omega-3 (30 capsules)
· 1 bottle of Fibre tab (120 tabs)
· 1 Garlic packet (60 tabs)
· 1 big bottle of Omega-3 (100 capsules)
· 1 bottle of Cal-mag (100 tabs)
· 2 bottles of small tre-en-en (60 capsules)
Above are very hot products and you can make over 40% or more profits and earn a bonus the same month you joined.
Senior Manager Package:
You can start this package with N185,000 and become a senior manager in the Neolife company plus earn bonus the same month you joined. This package come with 500 points.
Senior managers are invited by the company for special training that can help them become director and start earning over N150, 000 within 2-6 months.
Vitamins and supplements in Senior Manager Package include:
· 2 Provitality
· 6 Tre-en-en (small bottles of 60 capsules each)
· 6 bottles of Omega-3 (100 capsules)
· 6 packets of Garlic alliums complex
· 1 bottle of Chelated Zinc
· 1 bottle of Cal-mag
· 1 bottle LDC
· 6 Small bottles of Omeg-3(30 capsules)
· 1 bottle of Vitamin E
· 3 bottles of big Tre-en-en (120 capsules)
Neolife Company has been paying distributor’s bonus since 1958 and has never failed. You can achieve the required target and earn your bonus monthly by the time you complete your online training.
See Nigerians who are millionaires.

Are you really serious about starting your own business and become financially free? If yes, this is the opportunity to get started now. Fill the attached application form or 
the online form.

Make transfer of your registration fee today!

You can start learning how to start earning over N300,000 from the online training as you wait for your business kit but if you still have some questions get all your questions answered at our blog.

All you need to start making money with this plan is to register with any amount you can afford and register 3 persons to start earning as shown in the image above.
When you market 7 packet of Provitality every month you will make a profit of N29,680 and as soon as you register 3 persons who do the same you will receive extra bonus monthly from Neolife company. Yes, you will receive a small bonus of N20,000 monthly for having 3 people work with you - each marketing 7 packets of Provitality.
The wonder of network marketing come to play when your 3 persons register their own 3 persons each as shown in the image above. This will take you to the stage 2 earning chart of N120,000 monthly.
Want to earn over N300.000 monthly? Introduce another set of 3 and have a total of 39 downline that is marketing 7 packets each. When you enter this 3rd stage you have join those who are receiving over N300,000 monthly. This is the simplest business that can take you from financial struggle to financial freedom.
To get started just filled the application attached or fill the online application form here.
Transfer your chosen package to GNLD Ltd. Zenithbank 1010248345 and send details of payment to 08035394569 or 08070771641 and we will forward your registration form to the company to process and send to the nearest FeDex courier office for you to pick up.
Our team will support you by referring interested people in your city to you so you can grow faster.
Next you can register into the 
10 days online training to understand this business well if you have not done so already.

Are you really serious about starting your own business and become financially free? If yes, this is the opportunity to get started now. Fill the attached application form or 
the online form

If you have questions please read our blog to get answers here.
Network is the power of big companies and that is why people like Dangote, bank owners, communication network and others are very rich. They multiply their hours by opening branches of their companies everywhere. Let us say Dangote is making 1 million profit a year from one of his cement warehouse and have over 200 warehouses in Nigeria that will be N200,000 million profit and some warehouse he never visited but his workers are the one working in those warehouse.
The same is true about you opening branches in this healthcare business if you decide to network with people nationwide or even worldwide.

Most people start business alone and most time close their business within 2-5 years due to lack of enough capital to run their business, age or sickness. Yes, this is common when you look at your street. Most popular stores those days are no more.
But if you decide to build your network of serious business minded people nationwide with people that are hungry for success like you will earn lots of bonuses and commission monthly which you can use to build real wealth.
For the network type of business to survive, you need a system. Setting up your own business network will take millions so l am introducing to a company that has already set up system that you can plug into and create branches without investing much money.

The question now is what is your vision about your life in 5 -10 years from now? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Do you see yourself live in the type of house you like? Do you see yourself totally debt free? Will you be driving the kind of car you like? Have you got a lay down plan on how your life will be like in the next 5 years?
Most people don’t have answers to most of the above questions and those who have are not into opportunity that can help them achieve their dreams as planned. This is the reason most people live the same way year in and year out working or running the same business that has not help them all.
It is easy to know where you will be in the next 5 years, settle down to calculate your present income; you know exactly where you will be in 5, 10 years time. For example, if all you can save from your job or business in a month is N50, 000, you know that you can buy a land in a remote place at the end of one year and if by now you can't save that, it means you may never buy a land or build a home for yourself and your family. Do you really want to continue like that? Saying no is not the answer, you need another opportunity to achieve what you want and you need to act fast. Postponing such opportunity is going to put you in the same position. If you are going to do the same thing you did for the last 5 years, you will be where you are now. The question is, are you happy with your present condition? If not then study the packages below and add another stream of income today. Yes, you can add N50,000, N100,000, N300,000 or N500,000 monthly depending on your determination to get out of poverty.
If you say to yourself “Enough is enough of begging, borrowing and struggling with money shortage” it means you are ready.

Welcome to Neolife Business opportunity. This company is a healthcare company that has been in business for close to 60 years. They have a stable system you can use to open branches anywhere in Nigeria and in over 54 countries of the world.
Will you like to run a business in South Africa, Kenya, Canada, Togo, Ghana, Cameroon, USA, etc? Then this is your chance. Study carefully and sign up to start your own healthcare business using this existing network marketing system.
It is your decision, if you are fed up with poverty or the money you earn is not enough and you want more, you have to learn how to do this.
Next we will place your name and address at our main online website for people in your area to contact you to register into your team or buy from. Terms and condition apply.
Finally, we will introduce you to our 
investment club so you can achieve your dream faster.

Make Money Online as Affiliate.
Do you have a website or blog and will like to make money from different items ranging from food items, supplements etc? Then join our affiliate program.

The second business is online business: You join our Affiliate program free and promote health and beauty products. You register here for free with CODE 1309 and get your own online store within 24 hours of approval to promote. All you do is paste your website in places where you can send customers and get paid commission. You can earn N25,000 from just referring 10 customers and earn N2,000 from everyone you ask to register as affiliate through your links. Imagine getting 20 persons a month? that will be N40,000. You decide how much to make from our affiliate program.
You can register free with this code 1309 to the GT Affiliate program. write the above code down as you need to it to register.

The third business is food items  mlm network. Join happy world meal gate with N6,500. You don't sell anything but just bring others to join the networks and you will be receiving free food items like rice, milk, salt, vegetable oil, gari, etc. To receive your first batch of food items you need to bring just 6 persons who will join with N6,500 just like you. More training will be provide so you can start to receive food items and cash or even win a car or travel free with this food network company.  To join this mlm business register here.

If you are serious and want to make the switch from working ALONE to make money to working with PEOPLE operating the law of success, then don't delay print and fill the application form or fill the online form here now! Yes, go ahead take action but if you have already filled the application form make payment so you can be the first in your city and other persons coming will be place in your team.

There you have it. Chose how your finance will be in the next 90 days. It is up to you. You can decide to continue to suffer financially and blame other people around you, the government for your condition, etc. or take the decision to turn things around and smile to the bank.

To get any of the eBook below, just pay to Okpubigho Mercy, Zenithbank 2000537711 and send your email address to the phone number above and we will send the book to your email box to download anywhere you are within 24hrs.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Mental Health l GNLD Products You Can Use

Order Your GNLD products And Pay At Your Door Step Here

Use supplement mentioned here if you have mental health issues.
click here to visit our supplement store in nigeria
Loosing Your Mind?
Who pushed the 'Pause button on your thinking?

"I need to call what's-his-name, I can't remember where l left the cell phone.

It might have been in my car, but now l can't find my car keys!!  Every day more and more of us encounter these kinds of situation. Embarrassing, amusing; annoying; and even dangerous.  But now, it doesn't have to happen to you..
Take back your mind with memory-enhancing herbs.

Consider these Brainy Factoids
Everyday your "gray matter" is under assault from cell=damaging pro-oxidant free-radicals. But even a small amount of damage within the complex web of your cerebral tissue can impact the whole "network", slowing down thinking, making concentration more difficuilt, and even erasing previous memories.
Did you know that your brain requires more blood per unit of volume than any other organ in your body?  Over time your blood vessels gradually lose flexibility and circulate less and less blood.  But even a small decline in blood flow to the brain can have a significant impact upon your mental functioning.
To fully experience and enjoy every day, nothing is more important than a healthy and fully functioning mind!

Choose wise, choose GNLD's Mind Enhancement Complex.
As you go to any supermarket or health store, you will see an abundance of mental performance herbal supplement, all promising to be the best on the shelf. With so many choices, how do you know wht herbal supplement is right for you?  Look for these key advantages:
  1. Herbal fusion formulas: The best formulas utilize the technique used by master herbalists through the ages that is to use complementary herbs together.
  2. Look for ginkgo biloba leaf, gotu kola (centella Asiatic), red sage (salvia officinalis), and thyme (thymus vulgaris). As shown by the studies, these herbs can be most effective in the fight for jmen clarity, memory retention, and concentration.
  3. A standardized formula that guarantees purity, potency and consistency.  Use these helpful tips to choose a mental performance herbal supplement that's just right for you. Be sure to take your supplement daily for best results.  Your brain will thank you!
Do you use Neo life products frequently? Why not save money? Register as member to enjoy discount.
Click to register with code 1309

To order the gnld mental health products, get the mind enhancement and two other products from this Nigeria online shop or call Mercy to place order on 08035394569.

You remember everything you want and have a sharp concentration after taking these supplements. Some people get this within 2 weeks.

For those who have mental disorder, you can add these 3 products to your medical so as to recover fully.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Online Business |How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Progam

Online Business | Start it for free

How To Start an Online Business Free

Join the Growing Team Affiliate to make money online for free.

All you need to earn money online is register as affiliate with code 1309 at

You will get your online business store to promote to the world. You will earn serious commission if you post your link in your social medias like facebook, twitter etc.

If you are gnld distributor and will like to marketing gnld products online, this is your opportunity. With this you will reach everywhere in Nigeria and beyond and you will never be short of the required 250Pv ever again.

You can use this 20 ways to make 1000+PV ebook to increase your pv in addition to your online store you got from Growing Team company when you register into the affiliate marketing plan shown to you above.
N1, 500

Searching for gnld login or neolife international marketing strategies? This is the latest method people are using to achieve their dream PV and take steps in their Neolife business.

After you fill the gnld registration, go straight to register as affiliate and insert your Neolife ID no. so you get all the PV made for you uploaded to your ID number at month end.

If you are not a Neolife distributor and want to register, just fill this form and pay the registration fee of N16,250 so your form is processed and you receive one sample product call Provitality with your kit containing information that help you make money in the Neolife Business.

If you joined GT empowerment, you don't need to buy Neolife products to sell before you make PV but you refer your customers online or offline and Growing Team empowerment attend to them on your behalf and you will be credited with PV made through the website you got from Growing Team  or through your marketing efforts.

If you are not a gnld distributor, you can still benefit from the Growing Team Empowerment plan. In this case you will be paid in your country currency. Yes, if you are in Nigeria, you get paid N25.00 per point from customer purchases. This means if you made 150 points which is the minimum points you can start receiving commission. You will get full training and support when you join.

Your fastest way to make money is to register members who will use your code to buy products at our online website. Plan to register 200 members within 2-6 months. Members usually purchase between 50-100 points monthly.  This means if you have 200 members purchase just 50 points you will receive a serious commission of N250,000 per month. You see, with this online business you can set your own income and earn money fast. More members you have the more money you make.

You can use this banner to attract people to register. Who does't want 50% discount? Yes, with that it will be easy to attract members. Decide to make money online or make money from home using our plat
Save money on gnld supplements by registration here

Next income is referrer bonus. You get N2,000 referrer bonus for everyone that sign up as affiliate through your links. You can cash this out when that person you registered has hit his or her first 150 points.

That is not all, you get N4.00 on all the points made by your sub-affiliates- the people you introduce to this business plan. Let us say, you have just 10 sub affiliates and they have 200 members just like you. That is to say 10 sub affiliates multiply by 200 members and it will equal  200 x 10 x 50 points. This means your 10 people will make total points of  100,000 X 4.00 which is N400,000 for bring those 10 persons into our program. This is worth your effort of bring others  into your GT empowerment.

This is one of the best business ideas in Nigeria you can tap into now without investing your own money and still make money online - free business opportunity.

What are you waiting for? register and get your own free affiliate website today.
Click to start 10 days training on how to make money with your gnld business
Just pay to Okpubigho Mercy Zenithbank 2000537711 and it will be
sent to your email box to download. The book is a pdf and so it is easy to download and use.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Rheumatism & Arthritis Treatment | Supplement You can use

Natural Cure For Arthritis

Want Pay On Delivery For Your Order Of GNLD Products? Get them here.

Are you experiencing any symptoms of arthritis and want to overcome the pain in your joints or stiffness?
click to register with code 1309

Here are supplements you can use to end the knee joint pain, arthritis treatment or rheumatism

The thing is that arthritis could be cause by infection or aging. You must know the cause of the symptoms of arthritis or rheumatism so as to use the correct Neolife products that will end this stiffness and pain you pass through daily.
As we age osteoarthritis may set in. If your diet has been poor in calcium and full of sugary foods you will experience this pain or stiffness too. Too much of acidic in your body can also bring it on. If you also like cold foods and drinks it will also make it worst because there will poor circulation in the body

To stop the pain you need to get rid of sugary foods and stop cold drinks. Impure water can also be a source of acid come into your system and giving you pains in your joints. You must decide to get clean and normal ph water so your body is balance.

If you have done that, you can use the effective dosage of the gnld products mentioned here. The gnld distributor will tell when you order. If you want an expert in this you can order from the Online store in Nigeria for Neolife Products at as they will give you correct and effective dosage that has works for their customers for the past 17 years when you order through their store.

Over the years, the following gnld products has been used for arthritis treatment and people have gotten result. They have recovered and walk or hold things properly again.

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The first products on the list of vitamins or supplements is Fullmotion. Neolife Fullmotion will do a lot for on your shoulder pain or rheumatoid arthritis health challenge. It repair damage cartilage and replace worn out ones.

To hasten the process of healing and recovering you need to add two or more products depending on the seriousness of the case. Add Calmag, Salmon oil plus  or Calcium and Formula iv plus.  Depending on the case, you may need to add B complex, Garlic and vitamin c to Fullmotion to get the result you want.

In a very serious case that look like paralysis, to really get the result you want, you need to talk to a trained Neolife distributor who has help people recover from this problem. Yes, you can save money if you use the recommended supplements in the right dosage and adjust your diet as explained to you by the distributor.

Here is full benefits of Fullmotion.

Healthy joints for your active life!
Full Motion: The Join Supplement!
Aches and Pains? Discover relief for an active life free of pains with Full Motion.
It is time to take back your joints!

Joint pain is one the most common causes of physical disability among adults worldwide, but it doesn’t have to be. Glucosamine, a nutrient that already exists naturally in our bodies, has been shown time and again to reduce the chronic pain associated with inflammation of the joints – and to stimulate the regeneration of joint cartilage!
Full Motion empowers cells to produce more cartilage, inhibits the enzymes that break down cartilage, to reclaim comfort, flexibility, and mobility lost through serious joint inflammation.
GNLD’s Full Motion provides a 1 500mg dose of glucosamine proven to reduce the pains and stiffness of inflammation for the joints. And unlike other glucosamine supplements, Full Motion is derived from the highest-quality natural sources in the world, and is completely free of allergy-causing sulfites. So go ahead, take back your joints and be in motion with Full motion!

Cartilage, the slippery tissue between the bones in your joints, allows your joints to operate smoothly and efficiently, without pain or irritation. Unfortunately, the all-too-common wear and tear within the joints leaves them with decayed cartilage, bone spurs, and fragments floating around between the bones. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? With Full Motion that pain will be gone!
Your benefit if you start to use Full Motion includes:
1.      You will regain your active life as it will eliminate pains caused by inflammation
2.      It repairs damage cartilage and boost your joints cartilage by regenerating new ones
3.      You will regain an easier movement as it will free any stiffness or rigidity in joints
4.      Back pain will be gone
Take with plenty water for it to work faster.
Caution: Not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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