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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Neolife Products : Cruciferous Plus

Cancer : Supplements You Can Use Cancer has become very common due to the poor diet and lack of exercise. Cancer is still the most expensive disease around.

Prevention is better than cure and l add to that, it is also cheaper than looking for cure.  Below is a products you can add to other supplement to detox your body monthly or yearly depending on your diet.  If your diet is full of fruits and vegetable you can use this combination once a year to be clear of carcinogens.
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Use this Neolife Products to help fight off any form of cancer. Note gnld products are not drugs or medicine to replace any medication but to use as to check out carcinogens/toxins. If you have less of carcinogens in your cells, you will be healthy.

Your digestion is the root of your survive, so keep it well by supplementing your diet with Cruciferous plus. If you are experiencing any form of cancer, you need to add few supplement to your cancer treatment.  Get the full supplements at Many people who start early can reverse their case.
This product can help melt breast lump when taken on time and in high dosage. We have lots of testimonies to this. My own sister is one and that was over 8 years ago.  It has many other benefits as listed below.

Cruciferous plus
Cruciferous plus contain black mustard which help reduce bowel, stomach and other digestive tract cancer.
·         Any kind of menstrual problem, painful, irregular, decrease flow etc.
·         It can helps prevent fibroid formation in the womb
·         Hormonal overweight problem e.g. fluid retention
·         Digestive problems – not able to eliminate waste for several days, passing of gas (wind) and other chronic bowel problems
·         Prevent family history of breast cancer or sore on nipple.
·         Prevent prostate, lung, liver and bowel cancer
·         Menopause problems, e.g. hot flushes
·         Breast lump or cancer formation
·         It lowers and support immune function
·         It stops the conversion of good estrogen into bad estrogen
·         To neutralize toxins and prevent chemicals from become carcinogens and flush them out of the body.
·         It stops breast tenderness and sinusitis

·         It can remove minor skin tag by dropping them off in a short period.

This book has effective combination of supplements for over 200 disease.
Use the right combination to improve your health
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Monday, 6 March 2017

How To Use Super Gro To Boost Fertilisers

Super gro is one of the gnld products that is design to feed, revitalize the plants so that you can harvest more high quality produce from farm. People testify that after using it, they got up to 600% increase  in harvest.
You can get super gro in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa. Just call to discuss and get direction to the closest warehouse to you.

See amazing testimonials of people using it in this gnld video below.

Many farmers are now using super gro to add to their agricultural treatment and pest control and the result has been amazing. When added, the crops resist diseases and look clean.

It can be added to chemical fertilizers and other farm chemicals to grow high quality crops that command high price and give you good profits on your efforts.

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With super gro many farmers has reduce  their cost of buying fertilizer and other farm chemicals. The reasons is that they just add a little to their farm treatment or pest control and get the result they want.

 Sample size: 250 ml 
(Note if the bottle shown is not available we will send you equivalent)
₦1,700.00 ₦4,800.00
Those who want hair growth or something to grow their beard us this size. Others who grow flowers like florist or gardeners use this size. With appropriate mixture you can get the result you in poultry farming or fish farming. In fact it can be use on anything you want natural growth without side effects.

It is a wetting agent that act as surfactants and it increases the rate at which water enters the soil.
As a surfactants it helps your agricultural treatment  and pest control chemicals stick longer to perform the expected result on your farm.
It is safe on plants and environment. It is bio-degrade-able, nontoxic, non-inflammable and can easily be handle without any harm on hands.
It breaks the surface tension of water and absorb solar energy and uses it to stick to the plants for proper usual of available nutrients.

1) It feeds, renews and reviltalise the plants
2) It boost fertilizers and reduce the amount of fertilizer you will use and so help you save money
3) It help conserve water as it keep the sprayed portion wetter for longer and save you time and effort in wetting your plants.
4) It  makes plants resist diseases e.g. early bright
5)It help you to harvest clean and bigger plants that command high price in the market
6)It helps your treatment spread better and stick long enough to eradicate pests from your farm.
7)It prevents dry up



1) Add one ml to one litre of water to spray very early in the morning or late in the evening
2) Add to your irrigation tank and open to spread in the early part of the day or late evening

Never use the spray can you use for weeds control to spray your farm. Use a different can for the purpose of increase so it will not consider your crops weeds.

Measurement: The correct measurement is 1ml to 1 litre but you can increase it if your farmland is really in need of nutrients.

You can use it on any of the following Rice, okro, tomatoes, beans, yam, banana, plantain, cassava, cocoyam, aize, vegetables, pepper, water melon, carrot, onion, cabbage etc.

It can also be use on cash crops like: Cocoa, cashew, coconut, pineapple, mango, palm fruit, rubber, kolanut, orange and other cash crops.

Spray with hands pray or spray can. You can add it to your irrigation tank line and open when necessary.

Spray the whole plant or 4 days before you plant. You can spray the leaves, root etc Just make sure the area is wet enough to give it nutrient that allow proper growth.

You can spray every 3 weeks and when it is flowering - that it is when the plant is about to produce you can stop spraying.
If it is vegetable, after you cut to sell, spray again and you will see it grow more.

Testimonials From Ghana Cocoa Farmers.
"We now harvest cocoa every month, unlike before we started using supergro. As one pod is maturing another one is growing under."

Testimonials from Kenya: Before, with other fertilisers we harvest 2-3 tons per hectare but now we have 6-7 tons per hectare of sweet corn.

See video for more testimonials

SUPER 10 Can be added to prevent insects and pests from destroying your plants. Unless it is a really serious infestation of insect or pest, you can rely on super 10. Just add 20ml of super 10 to 20 litres of water to spray. You can add to supergro and spray at once.


If you want better service and attention who will you buy from? An expert or anyone on the street? Yes, you will buy from an expert. So if you need this product with expert advice while using it, call Mercy on 08035394569 or 08024594410 to place your order.

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Investors Wanted

Investment Opportunities Are you looking for ways to invest your money and earn on your investment? If yes, Growing Team want to give you the opportunity to invest your money.

Growing Team Shop is owe and run by Mrs. Okpubigho Mercy for the past 12 years offline and 5 years online. As at today, the company has over 8 staff and two shops. One shop at Warri and the other at Lagos.

At this moment, the company has two websites that market health products to Nigerians and outside Nigeria.
We now need more money to expand this business because, we are loosing customers, especially in Nigeria due to online trust issues. Most customers online want PAY ON DELIVERY as they are afraid of not receiving their order if they pay.

We need additional funds to meet request of customer who want PAY ON DELIVERY and grow the business to the next level.

Our two sites are: and (this site is for members or royal customers who always buy from us and will like to order from us at cheaper price) if you wish to enter this site to see, you cade use code 1309. This blog help us also reach out more customers.

We need more money to expand our business because we just launch an affiliate program which will bring more customers through our affiliates efforts and that will require more capital close more customers if we provide pay on delivery.

We have made arrangement for two courier companies who are ready to collect pay on delivery orders for us. We are using Tranex and MRS courier companies but we have not been able to use their service nationwide due to lack of funds to meet customers demand of "pay on delivlery".  We know if we get more funds, we can reach more cities and make sales and we are ready to share the profits with you.

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We need about 5-20 persons who can invest a minimum of N200,000 or N1,0000 each and leave it with us for a minimum of 2-5 years. You will get 25% return on your investment yearly.
This means you will earn N50,000 yearly on your N200,000 investment in our company. We will provide you with written and signed cheques for your investment to assure of your investment money plus agreement signed by a lawyer to secure your investment with us.

Here is another investment opportunities that you will be glad to get involved in.

This is another opportunity to tap into the booming healthcare industry and your money will work for you. Contact Mercy Okpubigho, the CEO of Growing Team Shop today.

Please call Mercy during the day for proper discussion : 08035394569 or 08024594410

Monday, 20 February 2017

GNLD Products Video Shows Benefits of Supplements

Food Supplements Here are gnld products videos you can view and see the benefits of vitamin and supplements.

Order provitality here

See benefits of provitality

See benefits of Chelated Calmag

Call mercy to place order for your gnld products 08035394569 or 08024594410. Do you like to use Neolife supplements frequently? Register as member and buy cheaper here

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Searching for Arthritis Treatment? Try These Supplements

Arthritis Here supplement you can use if you are suffering from arthritis pain and searching for arthritis treatment.

Visit to order your effective combination of vitamins and supplements.

When you order request for effective usage so you get the result you want.

For minor arthritis, use formula iv plus and cal-mag. If you experience serious knee pain or swollen legs you may need to add garlic allium complex and multi-mineral (if available) to get quick result.

There are other who have this health challenge due to aging or injury. In this case you need to use complete combination that can be 6 to 9 products. You can order all you see at the online store and request for effective dosage. We have seen people use the supplement dosage and do not get result and other continue on some diet that prevent effectiveness. When you order at this online shop you get the effective dosage.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Weight Loss: 7 ways to follow and keep weight gain off

Weight Loss Program How can you do to successfully lose the weight and keep it off? here are 7 weight loss revelation from science you need to follow to lose weight.


1) High Protein Diets for Weight Loss, Increased Satiety, and Healthy Metabolism. The amount of protein, carbohydrate, and fat you take in is now considered to be just as important a factor in your plan to lose weight and keep it off.

2) Muscle up with a combination of Soya and Milk Proteins. Type of protein help you achieve your weight management goals. Whey protein in a combination of soya milk build your muscle properly during the this process. This combination of protein is more effective when you add exercise to your diet plan.

3) Fill up on Fibre to Prevent Weight Gain. Add enough to your food and you will never gain weight back.

4) Appetite and Weight Control – The Role of Gut Hormones. Add appetite reducer to prevent you eat more. If you take foods that help you eat less you will maintain your weight and not gain it back.

5) Omega-3  fish oil help retain muscle. Loss of muscle can also make it more difficult to lose weight because when you lose muscle mass, you also slow down your metabolism. As we age, this is common - losing muscle in the process of aging which could hinder weight management.

6) Timing of meals may be important for controlling weight. Researchers found that late-eaters lost significantly less weight and had a slower rate of weight loss than the early-eaters. Early-eaters were defined as those who ate lunch anytime before 3pm and late-eaters were defined as those who ate lunch after 3 pm. Researchers found out those who skip breakfast or take in high  kilojoule will find difficult to lose weight.

7) Keeping the weight off – A low glycaemic response diet may help when it comes weight loss program.Diet composed of high fibre, low glycaemic response carbohydrates may help keep those kilograms off.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

GNLD Products for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids Here are supplements you can use if you are suffering from pile.

You need to use effective dosage to the result you want.
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If you need to talk to someone call Mercy 08035394569/08024594410

What is Hemorrhoids?
It a sickness experience when the anus veins are swollen and you will experience pain as you want to pass out stool. It is a discomfort feeling around your anus. Hemorrhoids are also called pile.

There are internal and external piles. The internal type  is the one that bleed due to strain while passing out stool.  While the external is the type that shows up around the anus and you can feel it when you touch your anus. It makes passing stool uncomfortable, itches and painful.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms
Bleeding experience is the most symptoms as you want to pass out stool.
Pain and discomfort that can prevent sitting properly
Red blood showing on your stool or on the tissue paper you used.

What causes pile?
1) Forceful bowel movement
2)Anal sex intercourse
3) Obesity
4) Pregnancy
5) Lack of fiber in the diet
6) Chronic constipation or diarrhea

There can be complication like anemia due to bleeding and inability to sit properly due to pain around the anus which can affect your daily life if you don't treat it on time.

What pile treatment can you use?
 Use home remedies  or apply a hemorroids cream
Avoid using dry  tissue paper
Apply cold water after every bowel movement
Take some form of pain relievers.
With that it should go away and if it does not go away you can meet your health care provider.

Here are some food supplements, we have use to help many people overcome this health challenge. Order them from an experience distributor so you get the right and effective usages that works.

You can order them from or Call 08024594410, 0803539459.

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