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Monday, 18 April 2016


Stress Management Supplement :GNLD Products
Stress is a part of everyday life. However, studies have shown that long-term chronic stress may contribute to accelerated cellular ageing and premature ageing of our organs and appearance.
Luckily for us, we can prepare ourselves for the stress to come and buffer against its damaging effects. A recent study from the University of California, San Francisco found that while one cannot stop or prevent stress, it’s negative effects could be reduced by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and sleeping well.* The study also showed that about 239 post-menopausal women that were examined for a year recording their lifestyle habits on telomere length of their immune cells had accumulated stress but since they engaged in healthy behaviours, their telomeres had less effect than those who ate poorly and had no physical activity or slept well.
In conclusion, we can curtain this accelerated ageing due to stress if we make simple changes in our lifestyle, get adequate sleep, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and low fat dairy in addition to fish.
Lower Your Risk of Stress With Breakfast
It is now clear that regular meals is a good lifestyle habits and there is nothing better than to provide the body with energy for the day than breakfast.
It has shown that morning breakfast can be good for the heart. A recent study conducted by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health for nearly 16 years on 27,000 men trace their risk of cardiovascular disease to their eating habits.*2. They also found out that those who routinely skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk of having heart attack or dying from coronary heart disease compared to those who ate breakfast.
If you skip breakfast, you are putting a strain on your body which after many years, “can lead to insulin sensitivity” which can lead to type 2 diabetes and also lead to high blood pressure and eventually heart disease.
Don’t skip breakfast... Lead Cahill, author of the study conducted at Harvard School of Public Health.
Fibre Have Superpowers To Help Your Heart!
Study conducted at Northwestern University Publish 2012 highlighted the importance of Fibre for heart health.
The study say 11,000 adults from National health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) found that young persons of age 20-39 and middle-aged adults of age 40-49 who had higher intakes of fibre had lower lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease. They concluded that intake of fibre can protect the heart later in life.
Fibre is found in whole grains fruits, vegetables and nuts, so adding these to our diet can possibly add years to our life.
The American Heart Association recommended 25g or more of dietary fibre per day. Based on these findings, we vote yes, fibre has superpowers for heart health.
This means, to lose weight or maintain weight you need to make some lifestyle change that will include: good eating habits, exercise, sleep well and include fibre, whole grains, fruits, vegetables in your food.
To achieve a good diet, we cannot depend on foods these days due to over processing of our foods and chemicals/addictives to prolong shelf life of foods.
The best way to enhance our lives is to supplement our diet and using top-rated vitamins and supplements from Neolife Company that will give us the desired result.
If you are ready to leave long, you can’t just eat foods alone but add supplements mentioned here to your diet so you can reduce accelerated ageing process and live longer. Just like you maintain your valuable items or belongings, that is how you should maintain your health or else you pay heavily for the price of negligence – like when we let our car breakdown before we decide to repair or maintain it.
Call Mercy on 08035394569 or Samuel on 08007701641 to place order for original supplements that will improve your health.

*Mol Psychiatry 2014 July 29

*2 Cahil LE.Circulation 2013 July 23:128 (4)337-43

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Ovulation and Signs of Pregnancy

Ovulation & Early Pregnacy Symptoms
Here you will get information that will help you ovulate and get pregnant. You will get the supplements and vitamins you need to face symptoms of pregnancy or to help ovulation.

If you are planning to conceive then you must familiarize yourself with ovulation calculation so you will meet with your husband at ovulation period. This will hasten the process of getting pregnant.

What type of supplements do you need to prepare yourself for pregnancy?
First make sure your immunity is sound to carry this pregnancy to term and deliver a healthy baby.
Recommended supplements are Phyto defense, carotenoid, Vitamin C. You need to eat nutritious food too. You cannot eat junk food -fast foods and expert to boost your fertility.

If you are not ovulating what type of supplement do you need?
If you are not ovulating your chances of getting pregnant is reduced. To help your system overcome this hormonal imbalance, you can use feminine herbal, vitamin e, Tre -en-en and Chelated zinc.

As you expect to become a mother, there might be a challenge of common women's health like candidaisis, staph or ecoli. Some can become a treat as they will prevent you from becoming pregnant. You need to use the right drugs in combination with garlic, zinc, tre-en-en and carotenoid and in some case you need to add nutrishake and vitamin Bcomplex to get rid of the infection causing the delay.

Another that may cause delay is using the wrong fertility drugs?
You must make sure you don't have a cyst or fibroid in your uterus or else fertility drugs may aggravate the growth of this issue. Get rid of them to open the door for your baby to come in

What can you do if you are experiencing early pregnancy symptoms?
You might feel some discomfort if you have a sound immunity but if your immunity is poor then you might even need to be admitted during the early stage. It is better you start on phyto defence, provitality and zinc. These food supplements will help you save money in hospital bills and you will enjoy good health throughout your pregnancy period. You will also deliver healthy baby.

What are Pregnancy Care Supplement?
All you need is Formula iv plus, Vitamin C and Cal-mag. With this you will feel the movement of your baby and have a normal motherhood. This will prevent your baby from contacting malaria and boost your health - meaning you will have baby that will not need clinic visit frequently after delivering.

A woman that is prepared find it easy to conceive and give birth to complete healthy baby but if you cut corner during this period, you may take the risk of unhealthy baby, baby defect, sickly baby etc.

If you like to get any of the supplements recommend and use them correctly to get the result you want call Mercy on 08035394569 or Samuel 08070771641. You can also visit the online store to place order at Growing Team Shop Online.

You need the right dosage or else it will be like a woman who said she used 15 packets of Feminine herbal without result. Wasted money due to wrong combination and dosage. You will get result guaranted if you order here.
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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Boost Your Immunity With Phyto defense

Immunity is your first line of defense against diseases. If you have a weak immune system you will easily contact health challenges especially infectious type.  If anyone close to have a cold you too will have it.

If you have a strong immune system you will hardly fall sick and if ever you become sick, you will recover quicker than some one with poor immunity.  This is why it is important your immunity is always check by supporting it with the right nutrients daily.

The food we eat these days has lost over 90% of health building nutrients. That is why you see that most food industry add some vital minerals and vitamins to boost their products. It starts from farming to production. During farming many chemicals are used and to achieve longer shelf life other additives and chemicals are used in addition to the over processing that removes lots of nutrients.

With this in mind, you cannot depend on foods to boost your immunity. You need to supplement your diet with phyto nutrients and in this case l suggest you use Neolife Phyto defense as it has all you need to protect your heart and help your system fight off diseases.
Do you know USDA research says Caroetnoid complex that is in Phyto defense pack is proven to boost immune capacity by 37% in just 20 day? Yes, it has the power to improve health that fast. This means if someone is really sick and is given phyto defense with the right medication the person will bounce back to health within 20 days! If this is case, it also means if anyone want to reduce medical bills - that is always visiting the hospital month in month out and paying huge medical bills due to drugs or medicine for treatment, he csn use this product and reduce his medicals plus enjoy sound health.

There are other two Neolife products in this phyto defense. They are Cruciferous plus and Flavonoid complex. These two added make it a powerful antioxidant and provide protection from free radical damage that might affect your cells.
This product is a broad-spectrum whole-food supplement as it contain Carotenoid complex,
Flavonoid and Cruciferous plus. With these density nutrients and 25 carefully selected fruits and vegetables, you can be sure to reduce your medical bills by supplementing your diet with Phyto defense. It has 3 capsules of Carotenoid Comple, 2 tablets of Flavonoid Complex and 1 tablet of Cruciferous plus.

Take one sachet with meals. It has 30 sachets in the pack which gives you 30 days protection.

Below are the three products package in Neolife phyto defense. You can buy the pack or individual products if you want.

You can order the product here

Saturday, 2 April 2016


GNLD Products you can use to improve your health. Here you will see the products you can combine and use. Nevertheless, when you want to reverse a health situation you need an expert in this field to tell you what foods to eat or avoid and what is the effective dosage to use to get the result you want. If you just buy a bundle or a combination like you do anything else from the market, you will need the manual explaining how to use them or else you will waste money trying to stay on supplement dosage written on the label. I suggest you get the ebook:Effective combination of Neolife Supplements- it has over 200 disease combination and their effective dosage to use. Order the book here and pick your bundle or combination that match your need below.
When you see the combination you want go straight to our online store to order here. You will get the effective dosage and free consultation when you paid and collect your combination.

Another thing to consider is the gravity of the health problem. You might need few products than combine here if you just started to have challenge about the issue at hand. It will be good to discuss before you purchase. Call these lines and discuss your health challenge 08035394569 or 08070771641.

If you wish to continue to use GNLD products and will like to buy them cheaper, you can register as a member to enjoy over 35% discount here
Bundle Supplements For Melting Off Fibroids
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                      Infertility Care Bundle Supplements For Women
Fertility Food Supplements you can use:Order it here
Bundle Supplements For Treating Vaginitis Infections
Infection Combination
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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Weight Loss: Neolifeshake You Can Use To Lose and Build Muscles

Fast Weight Loss Program
NeolifeShake is a complete protein for weight loss and to build and repair the cells.

Get Started On New Body, Better Life!
Weight Management means you need to lose fat, feel full and satisfied and keep muscle that is why Neo-life an arm of GNLD came out with NeolifeShake.
This program is design for you so you don’t need to count kilojoules all day long, attend counseling sessions or fads that discourage you from your weight reduction plan.
All you need is decide where you want to be and you will now use clinically proven Gr2 Control technology which prevents glycaemic roller coaster (high and low sugar level that encourage weight gain) and shift your biochemistry to minimize fat storage while burning fat.
Neolifeshake is available in Creamy Vanilla and Chocolate Flavours.
NeolifeShake is protein that is required to keep muscle and maintain weight so you don’t gain it back. The USDA recommended daily consumption of 0.8g of good-quality protein per kilogram of body weight. Higher amounts are recommended for growing children and teens, pregnant and lactating women, and those trying to lose weight.
For weight management, studies show that higher protein diets help suppress hunger, increase satiety and burn fat, thereby promoting weight loss and making it easier to stay on a weight loss programme.
What To Look For In Your Protein Source
 Biologically Complete. It should have all 22 amino acids including the essential ones.
 High Quality- all protein sources are not equal. The ratio of essential amino acids dictates the “quality” of protein. A PDCAAS( protein quality score) of 1 or higher is consider “excellent”. The higher the value, the better it matches the body’s natural amino acid profile says …Codex Alimentarius Commission. 1989, Document ALINORM 89/30, Rome.FAO.
 Naturally low in fat and cholesterol

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 Metabolically balanced ratios of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate.
All these are what you find in NeolifeShake and more!
 It has 18 grams of high quality protein and contains all 22 amino acids including all the essential amino acids.
 It has 5 grams of satisfy fibre so you feel full and satisfied.
 It mixes easily in water
 The can contains only 663 kilojoules so you have no fear while using it.
 It has no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colours, Gluten contributing ingredients, hydrogenated fats/trans fats, genetically modified (GMO) ingredients or saturated fats.

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Fitness Made Easy
Follow the plan here and still enjoy the foods you love with the people you care about while you still lose weight.
Take before photo before you start your weight loss program.
Determine to lose 0.05-1kg per week
Follow the smart guide in your gr2 control kit and take healthy meals.
Snacks are important in your weight reduction plan so chose from the followings:
Healthy Snacks
 ½ apple with 1/3 cup low fat cottage
 30g wedge (matchbox size) of cheese (low fat) and celery/carrot sticks
 1 egg (boiled on toasted whole wheat bread (1 slice)
 2 cups raw vegetables with ½ cup low fat dip
 1 cup Roma tomatoes with ½ cup Mozzarella cheese (low fat), basil and lemon juice
 ½ cup grapes (red, green, purple) with a wedge (matchbox size) of Camembert cheese
 1 cup vegetable soup
 1 fruit portion and 8-10 almonds
 2- 3 medium size oranges and one cup of clean water
 2 serving of cabbage (a serving is tennis ball size) with lemon juice (one medium size dilute with water )
 1 medium dry fish of your choice and one cup of NeoLife Tea, orange or lemon juice (one medium size dilute with water)
 2-3 serving of moimoi (beans pudding) and clean water
 1-2 Banana and clean water
 Medium size watermelon or ½ of watermelon
 One cup of naturally prepared pineapple juice
 1-3 Carrot sticks and clean water
 2-10 Walnut and clean water
 One cup of grape fruit juice
 One cup of Neolife Tea
See the Weight Management guide in your gr2 control kit for more details.
Weight Management Plan
Get on your way to the body you’ve always wanted. Replace two meals with delicious and convenient NeolifeShake.
To lose weight  fast nyou need to eat smart. Follow:
Weight loss Plan
Break Fast
 NeolifeShake
 Pro-Vitality +
Morning Snack
 Healthy snack
 NeolifeShake
Evening Snack
 Healthy Snack
 Balanced Meal
Note: This is weight maintenance plan. If you are still on weight reduction you need to follow the complete Gr2 Control weight loss programme.

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fibre: Benefits of Multi-fibre Blend from Neolife

Fibre supplement for Cholesterol Management & Sugar Level Neolife fibre you can use to improve your health, especially if you want to control sugar and cholesterol levels.
To buy Neolife products at a cheaper price, register with this form and you will get the instant member price to help you enjoy these supplements at cheaper price for life!

Multi-fiber Blend from GNLD.
This product contains 16 whole-food sources of fiber including extractions from oats fiber, soy fiber, citrus fiber, pea fiber, and oat bran, beet fiber, soy bean, lemon pectin, fig powder, apple powder, banana powder, almond meal, peanut flour, suchoke flour, prune powder, orange fiber, apple fiber, acerola fiber and carrot fiber.
Fiber reduces the risk of wide variety of health challenging condition. The body needs a complete dietary fiber to perform its functions.
This fiber can be mixed in foods, milk, juice, cereals, bread, eba, amala, add to rice before eating and other bake goods.  No animal products in this fiber.  No sucrose, artificial colour, flavours or preservatives but pure nature.
Benefit includes:
1.      Cancer prevention
2.      Constipation (take with plenty water)
3.      Diverticulitis
4.      Stabilize blood sugar (diabetes)
5.      Lower cholesterol
6.      Reduces the risk of gallstones
7.      Reduces the risk of heart diseases
8.      Piles (hemorrhoids)
9.      Remove toxins, e.g. metals

10.  Reduces side effect of radiation therapy

*Excess fiber decrease absorption of zinc, iron and calcium.
*Take fiber before other medication otherwise it can lessen their strength and effectiveness.
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Monday, 22 February 2016

Breast Lump: Supplements You Can Use

What is the cause of Breast Lump? Breast lump can be of various degree. They can easily disappear if they are not cancerous but they can also become cancerous if you did nothing to make them disappear.

Breast lump is a sign that your breast is not healthy and need attention. Cancer is one of the most expensive sickness, so do not wait until they become cancerous.

Here are supplements you can use to get rid of them if you start early.  Searching for breast cancer cure will not be necessary if you add the group of supplement mentioned in this package.

Never the less, you can start now if you see a lump in your breast. If you order the complete package, please ask for the diet list that follow the package so you can get out of the risk of ending up with breast cancer.

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Disclaimer: Supplements are not drugs or medicine and so cannot replace your medication. If you are really sick consult your healthcare provider.