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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Supplements for Arthritis Treatment

Are you experiencing any symptoms of arthritis and want to overcome pain in your joints or stiffness?

Here are supplement you can use to end the knee joint pain or rheumatism you experience.

The thing is that arthritis could be cause by infection or aging. You must know the cause to use the correct Neolife products that will end this stiffness and pain you pass through daily.

Over the years, the following gnld products has been used for arthritis treatment and people have gotten result. They have recover and walk or hold things properly again.

The first products on the list of vitamins or supplements is Fullmotion. Neolife Fullmotion will do a lot for your shoulder pain or rheumatoid arthritis health challenge.

To hasten the process of healing and recovering you need to add two or more products depending on the seriousness of the case. Add Calmag, Salmon oil plus  or Calcium and Formula iv plus.  Depending on the case, you may need to add B complex, Garlic and vitamin c to Fullmotion to get the result you want.

To really get the result you want, you need to talk to a trained Neolife distributor who has help people recover from this problem. Yes, you can save money if you use the recommended supplements in the right dosage and adjust your diet as explained to you by the distributor.

Here is full benefits of Fullmotion.

Healthy joints for your active life!
Full Motion: The Join Supplement!
Aches and Pains? Discover relief for an active life free of pains with Full Motion.
It is time to take back your joints!
Joint pain is one the most common causes of physical disability among adults worldwide, but it doesn’t have to be. Glucosamine, a nutrient that already exists naturally in our bodies, has been shown time and again to reduce the chronic pain associated with inflammation of the joints – and to stimulate the regeneration of joint cartilage!
Full Motion empowers cells to produce more cartilage, inhibits the enzymes that break down cartilage, to reclaim comfort, flexibility, and mobility lost through serious joint inflammation.
GNLD’s Full Motion provides a 1 500mg dose of glucosamine proven to reduce the pains and stiffness of inflammation for the joints. And unlike other glucosamine supplements, Full Motion is derived from the highest-quality natural sources in the world, and is completely free of allergy-causing sulfites. So go ahead, take back your joints and be in motion with Full motion!

Cartilage, the slippery tissue between the bones in your joints, allows your joints to operate smoothly and efficiently, without pain or irritation. Unfortunately, the all-too-common wear and tear within the joints leaves them with decayed cartilage, bone spurs, and fragments floating around between the bones. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? With Full Motion that pain will be gone!
Your benefit if you start to use Full Motion includes:
1.      You will regain your active life as it will eliminate pains caused by inflammation
2.      It repairs damage cartilage and boost your joints cartilage by regenerating new ones
3.      You will regain an easier movement as it will free any stiffness or rigidity in joints
4.      Back pain will be gone
Take with plenty water for it to work faster.
Caution: Not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Lipotropic Adjunct Benefits

Neolife Nigeria -

Neolife Products Benefits - Healthy Heart Protection

Heart disease presents a major health threat all over the world. In Many countries, the risk factors are so high that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer.

Now in Neolife International, the company goes even further along the prevention road with the introduction of this product that makes a big impact in cardiovascular disease by helping to maximize circulatory health.

Pioneering research indicates moderate homocysteine levels are important for the long-term health of your blood vessels, arteries, heart, brain and more!
Neolife's Lipotropic Adjunct was developed specifically to address the regulation of homocysteine levels and to assist lipid metabolism. Alongside GNLD's Lipotropic Adjunct, it is important to note the significant role played by Omega 3 in overall heart health.
In a study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it was found that people consuming one fatty fish meal per day has a 50% lower risk of cardiac arrest compared to those who didn't consume fish high in omega-3 fatty acids. Those who consumed the greatest amount of omega-3 rich fish  also reduced their risk by as much as 70% 1.

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Neolife's Omega-3 contains the highest quality of salmon oil with EPA and DHA. Now you can get exceptional heart protection from GNLD Omega 3 and Lipotropic Adjunct.

Diabetes Monitor

Benefits of Lipotropic Adjunct

Lipotropic Adjunct  is the word that should be on your lips if you want to improve your own cardiovascular health or help improve the health of others.
Many factors determine the health of your heart and blood vessels, especially a balanced diet low in fat and high in fibre. Often we don't eat enough of the foods that give us the nutrients we need for optimal cardiovascular health.

These nutrients include lipotropic factors and B vitamins. These factors help keep lipids (fats) emulsified in blood so they may be mobilized and utilized throughout the body where needed. B vitamins help assure proper metabolism of homocysteine - a natural metabolic by-product that can damage arteries if it accumulates.

Cardiovascular health depends heavily on these two components in your body - lipids and homocysteine. Both require specific nutrients to maintain optimum cardiovascular health and these are available from Neolife Lipotropic Adjunct.
This Neolife product delivers specific nutrients like choline, inositol, betaine folic acid and B vitamins which help maintain proper homocysteine levels and resist lipid deposition on the cardiovascular system.

Carefully chosen components in this supplement have been shown in scientific studies to benefit health and longevity in a number of ways:

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B-Vitamins, vitmains B6, B12, choline and folic acid support healthy homocysteine levels and heart health.1

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is a factor in multiple biological reactions and is essential for cardiovascular system health. It aids in antibody formation, DNA/RNA sysnthesis, metabolism and utilization of key nutrients. 3

Vitamin B12 (cobatamin) plays roles in energy production, metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and maintenance of normal homocysteine levels.4,5

Folic Acid promotes healthy cells and normal homolcyteine levels and is involved in DNA/RNA production.3,4,5

Choline supports healthy homocysteine levels and cardiovascular vitality, promotes liver health, normal metabolism and lipid transport.3

Inositol - a major component of cell membranes - promotes healthy metabolism, including fat metabolism, and supports healthy blood cholesterol levels.5

Betaine hydrochloride (HCI) supplements normal stomach secretion of hydrochloric acid which aids in the absorption of vitamin B12. Betaine is an essential biochemical component involved in the homocysteine cycle. Food sources of Betaine include eggs, fish, legumes, and whole grains.

Citrus bioflavonoids and citrus hesperidin - Research shows that citrus bioflavonoids, especially hesperidin, may help keep blood vessels soft and pilable, supporting healthy circulation.

GNLD's complete and concentrated Lipotropic formula delivers optimal amounts of folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 to support your body's natural metabolism and elimination of excessive homocysteine to promote healthy arterial wall.2

Lipotropic Adjunct can be use If:

  • You have kidney stones and liver disease
  • You have heart problem and experience ringing in the ears
  • You have palpitation and heart disease
  • You have labored breathing(difficult breathing), red sore tongue as in fever.
  • You have nerve pain, headaches and prevent eye disorders
  • You are pregnant (your first 3 months) for proper development and to prevent defects.
  • You want to stop premature gray hair
  • You want eliminate fats from the liver and prevent enlargement of the liver
  • You want to prevent formation of blood clot in the blood vessels
  • You want to prevent breast cancer, colon and prostate cancer
  • You want to slow down tumor growth
Note: It is best when taken 2 hours after meals.

If you already have health challenge you will like to talk to an experience neolife distributor that can help give you an effective combination that has proven result or get yourself the "effective combination of Neolife Supplements" eBook it has effective combination with correct dosage that works for over 200 health challenges.

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Disclaimer: Supplements and vitamins are not drugs or medicine to replace your medication, prevent, cure or use to treat diseases.

1.McCall K. The homocysteine Revolution, Kaats publishing Inc. 1997
2. Mason M, The B Vitamin Breakthrough, Health Magazine, Sept. 1995, 69-73.
3. Sadier MJ, Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, Academic press. 1998
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Heart Health Boosting Vitamin and Supplement

Heart Health Supplements

Supplement for Heart Health

Evidence suggests that increasing intakes of food high in polyphenols (including Flavonoids) like anthocyanins and flavanones may help improve cardiovascular health.  Recently, researchers at the University of East Anglis (UK) and the Harvard School of Public Health (USA) published a study investigating this association. This study analyzed data from more than 43,880 health men participating in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study and across 24 years of follow-up. The researchers found that individuals who consumed the highest amounts of foods containing anthocyanins had a 14% lower risk of heart attack and individuals with high intakes of flavanones had a 22% lower risk of ischemic stroke!1 They proposed that the benefits associated with polyphenols might involve their role in improving blood flow and inhibiting platelet aggregation activity. While previous studies have been able to show this benefit in women, this is one of the first studies demonstrating this associating among men. Where do you find anthocyanins and flavones? Red and blue fruits such as blueberries and cranberries are good sources of anthocyanins, and flavanones are commonly found in citrus fruits.

 How much fibre should we aim for? The American Heart Association recommends at least 25 grams of dietary fibre a day for adults.3
It’s long been known that high-fibre diet support cardiovascular health by promoting weight loss, lowering cholesterol and improving hypertension. However, a recent study from Northwestern University showed for the first time that fibre consumption could also impact lifetime risk for cardiovascular disease. This study looks at data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) that included more than 11,000 participants and imputed their data into a logistical model that predicted their lifetime risk for heart disease. What the researchers found was that younger adults (age 20-39) and middle-age adults (age 40-59) with the highest fibre intake had a statistically significant lower lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those in the same age group with the lowers fibre intake. Researchers were amazed at the findings and concluded that starting a high-fibre diet now could significantly improve long-term risk for heart problems
While the mechanism is not fully understood, one way soya acts on LDL is by increase the size of LDL cholesterol, which is associated with a lower risk of heart disease compared to small, dense LDL particles, according to researchers at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Center on Aging at Tufts University 6. However, further research is needed to understand all the activities of bioactive compounds in soya.
A recent study publish in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that supplementation with soya protein is associated with improved level of E-selectin, a biomarker of endothelial (the lining of blood vessels) dysfunction and levels of leptin, a type of adipocytokine (signaling molecule produced by fat tissue). The study was an eight week randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, three-phase crossover trial comparing the effects of a 40 g of soybean protein supplements, 40 g of milk protein supplement, and 40 g of milk protein supplement, and 40 g carbohydrate placebo on biomarkers of cardiovascular health. The researchers concluded that soya protein decreased plasma levels of E-selectin, which may improve endothelial function, and reducing LDL cholesterol oxidation.

A recent meta-analysis adds to the large body of evidence supporting the cardiovascular benefits of garlic. Published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers identified randomized controlled trials evaluating the effect of garlic on blood pressure and cholesterol. They found that garlic supplementation among individuals with hypertension resulted in a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure, on average, by 8.7 mmHg and in diastolic blood pressure by 6.1 mmHg. They also reported that previous data showed that treatment of garlic longer than two months was effective in reducing total and LDL cholesterol by 10% among individuals with elevated levels.8. Thus, this study suggests that garlic supplements may be a helpful addition to blood pressure and high cholesterol treatments.
Garlic has been use for medicinal for thousands of years. It is associated with reduced cholesterol levels, blood pressure and heart disease risk
Homocysteine is an amino acid that is synthesized in the body and elevated levels are often associated with increased cardiovascular risk 9

Researchers are not yet sure how high homocysteine levels increase heart disease risk, but it is thought to be related to damage arteries, which increase the risk for atherosclerosis. In the recently published meta-analysis study, researchers pooled data from 13 trials and found that supplementation with Omega 3s when combined with folic acid and vitamin B6 and B12 had a greater homocysteine-lowering effect than when the participants were supplemented with Omega-3s alone. Researchers concluded that the decreases in homocysteine levels are likely attributed to the Nutrients’ role in homocysteine degradation.10

1.      1.   Cassidy et al Habitual intake of anthocyanins and flavanones and risk of cardiovascular disease in men. AM J Clin Nutr. 2016 Sept, 104(3):587 – 94
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3.      3    American Heart Association. Whole Grain and Fiber. Available from  Accessed Sept 22 2016

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Benefits of Carotenoid Complex

Neolife International

Fruits and Vegetables Fight Diseases

Carotenoid complex
Boosts immunity by 37%
Infection and viruses are everywhere! If you want to stay healthy, make sure that you are supplementing your healthy diet with nutrients that will strengthen your immune system and give you every chance against the cold and flu bugs.

Thank goodness for GNLD’s Carotenoid Complex. This outstanding product derived from whole food sources like tomatoes, carrots, spinach, red bell peppers, strawberries, apricots and peaches provides the equivalent of an optimal portion of carotenoid-rich fruit and vegetables. Extensive research on phytonutrients has focused on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases in addition to the impressive benefits seen in boosting the immune system. Carotenoid Complex acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect the blood vessels from free radical damage and will enhance immune function by increasing levels of immune cell responsiveness. Make sure that Carotenoid Complex is part of your everyday supplementation regimen and get the protection you deserve!..2/05

Immunity Booster - Carotenoid Complex 
There are more than 200 strains of cold and flu viruses waiting to pounce on unsuspecting individuals each winter, with new strains appearing all the time.  Some are more virulent and debilitating than others, and are spread in the air we breathe. So something as simple 
This GNLD Neolife Products has so many benefits that it has a dedicated website that will tell you all that you need to know about it. Visit this site to get more details:

It boost immune systems
It protect the heart
It defend your cells

Carotenoid Complex can help If:
You need to boost your immunity
You are experiencing heart disease
You have high cholesterol level
You experiece frequent malaria fever or typhoid
You have vision problem, especially if you are glue to computer or your phone radiation all day.
You need good skin and want to look younger
You loosing your hair or going bald
You have sensitive skin and need to protect from sun burn
You have scars and need to erase them
You want to fight cancer
You want to fight hiv and aids
and view gnldvideo  below for more
Carotenoid Video will explain more to you about the huge benefits of using this antioxidant.

Carotenoid Complex Testimonials
A 45 year old man was diagnosed with cancer on his lower lip. He felt terribly wondering how he will look if his lip is operated. He took 3 Carotenoids daily for 2 months and at the next check-up there was no more lip cancer.
A lawyer who had macular degeneration needed his wife to drive him to work and his secretary to read to him for several years took 9 Carotenoids a day and in a few months was driving himself to work and reading by himself.
A 55 year old man had multiple skin cancers on back of both hands and a few on the arm. He added 2 Carotenoids daily to a few other GNLD supplements and in a few months the skin cancers slowly disappeared.
A 65 years old man said his glaucoma level is normal after adding Carotenoids complex.
Many people both young and old testified that after adding Carotenoids, their sun sensitivity has disappeared; they no longer burn and peel.

These supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are serious sick, consult your health care provider.

Above testimonials are the result of deficiency of some vital nutrients that a lacking in the foods we eat these days. Add supplements to your diet or medication and recover faster.

There are many supplement in the market but look for the ones that can deliver all the benefits high- lighted here.
If you want to order Neolife products, make sure they can give you these fantastic results. I suggest you place your order at this online store in Nigeria. You will be given the correct and effective dosage to use if you already have health challenge and need to use this product.