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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

GNLD Tre-en-en

GNLD Tre-en-en (1 x 120 Capsules) - Natural Energy Supplements - in Nigeria online store
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It can use in the following health issues.

  1. Eczema, dry skin
  2. Boost fertility and make it easier and quick for women to get pregnant
  3. Restore menstrual circle to normal
  4. Boost the potency of antibiotics
  5. Epilepsy
  6. Boost sperm, sexual drive, reverse weak erection and so correct impotence
  7. Stop the spreading of cancer
  8. Boost the quality of breast milk and help-children hae good set of teeth
  9. Reduce blindness in diabetic patient and other vision problems problems
  10. To correct dental problems gum and decay problem (add fiber tab)
  11. To help recover from paralysis (especially in children)
Testimonal of Tre en en

"Tre-en-en has changed our lives completely, We were always in some hospital or clinic but now, after 5 years in GNLD, I can't recall when we were last at hospital admission. We understand diet and nutrition better and are also much healtheir." ... Jonathan & Monica Enobhayisobo

"I was on Tre-en-en when l discovered l was pregnant for the first time 38 years old. I continue to work 12 hour nursing shifts right up to my delivery and l was back home the day after our bouncing son was born! He is now 15 and has never needed antibiotic Our whole family owes our health to tre-en-en"... Lynn Mitanoff, Nurse.

You can supplement your diet with tre-en-en but if you want to restore a health challenge you will need the right dosage to see fast result. If you order your pack from you will be given the right dosage prescription that will give you the result as listed above.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

GNLD Carotenoid Complex

GNLD Carotenoid Complex | Nigeria online Store GNLD Carotenoid Complex A super Vitamin. Benefits of carotenoid complex will soon be post.

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Carotenoid complex
Boosts immunity by 37%
Infection and viruses are everywhere! If you want to stay healthy, make sure that you are supplementing your healthy diet with nutrients that will strengthen your immune system and give you every chance against the cold and flu bugs.
Thank goodness for GNLD’s Carotenoid Complex. This outstanding product derived from whole food sources like tomatoes, carrots, spinach, red bell peppers, strawberries, apricots and peaches provides the equivalent of an optimal portion of carotenoid-rich fruit and vegetables. Extensive research on phytonutrients has focused on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases in addition to the impressive benefits seen in boosting the immune system. Carotenoid Complex acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect the blood vessels from free radical damage and will enhance immune function by increasing levels of immune cell responsiveness. Make sure that Carotenoid Complex is part of your everyday supplementation regimen and get the protection you deserve.

A Power House Supplement!
Boost Your Immune System!
This is a miracle vitamin. It can boost the immune system by 37% in 20 days!  A strong immune system helps you in the following ways:
Ø  For fast recover from illness
Ø  To fight infection – as in all type of infection (sexual, staph etc.)
Ø  Virus problem
Ø  Lowers bad cholesterol and so prevent heart disease
Ø  Prevent and cleanse cataract
Ø  Boost killer cells that fights cancer, taking it will prevent cancer and also reverse it when used in large dose for a longer period.
Ø  It helps increase life span
Ø  Super fighter during fever
Ø  Slows down ageing process and so make you look and feel younger
Ø  A super Anti-oxidant so it destroys diseases
Ø  Increase hair and stop hair loss – baldness
Ø  It destroys tumor cells
Ø  It lowers the risk of diabetes so it repair the pancreas
Ø  Very good for smokers
Recommended for everybody, especially those that
-         Suffers from fever frequently.
-        For those fighting recurring typhoid fever, various veins problem and pregnant women with swollen legs.
-        To improve blood count and renew it
-        To make skin clear of blemish
-        For sport people who want more stamina
Get enough Carotenoids in your system to prevent infection.

“Infectious diseases are the leading causes of death worldwide and the third leading cause of death in the United States. Antimicrobial resistance contributes to the burden of infectious disease domestically and globally.” … Dr. James M. Hughes, Director of National Center For Infectious Diseases, Center for Disease Control And Prevention.

Carotenoid Complex Testimonials
A 45 year old man was diagnosed with cancer on his lower lip. He felt terribly wondering how he will look if his lip is operated. He took 3 Carotenoids daily for 2 months and at the next check-up there was no more lip cancer.
A lawyer who had macular degeneration needed his wife to drive him to work and his secretary to read to him for several years took 9 Carotenoids a day and in a few months was driving himself to work and reading by himself.
A 55 year old man had multiple skin cancers on back of both hands and a few on the arm. He added 2 Carotenoids daily to a few other GNLD supplements and in a few months the skin cancers slowly disappeared.
A 65 years old man said his glaucoma level is normal after adding Carotenoids complex.
Many people both young and old testified that after adding Carotenoids, their sun sensitivity has disappeared; they no longer burn and peel.
These supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are serious sick, consult your health care provider.

Above testimonials are the result of deficiency of some vital nutrients that a lacking in the foods we eat these days. Add supplements to your diet or medication and recover faster. 
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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Vitamin A from GNLD Company

Vitamin A - GNLD product
Gnld has vitamin a and to make it more effective and for easier absorption it is added to vitamin d.

Benefits of GNLD Vitamin A & D

This is a fat soluble vitamins, it is found in animal and fish liver oil. Carotene is found only in colored fruits and vegetables. This is a pro-vitamin that is converted by the body for retinol. The eyes, skin, hair, teeth and immune system depend on it.
Vitamin A deficiency can lead to:
·        Excess discharge from ear or virginal
·        Skin rashes
·        Eye problem
·        Rhinitis or asthma
·        Rough and dry skin
·        Premature aging skin
·        Catch infection easily
·        Not easy to get pregnant
·        Poor growth
·        Brittle fingernails
·        Loss of small and appetite
·        Tuberculosis
·        Viral infection

It can be used for:
·        Pus in the ears
·        Frequent cold or fever
·        Lack of sleep
·        Poor growth
·        Night blindness
·        Unnecessary weight loss
·        Ace
·        Infertility
·        To correct children deform tooth or scissors type
·        Respiratory infections like cough, asthma, sneezing without end.

Note: Antibiotic and laxative interfere with the absorption of Vitamin A. Too much Vitamin A can cause toxic so taking too much on daily basis can be harmful and cause the following problems: Hair loss, itching, joint pain, water on brain, cracks and scales on lips, birth defect. Using the Carotenoids complex to complete your required daily dose does not cause harm.

Monday, 10 November 2014

GNLD Cal mag Benefits

Gnld cal mag is good for bone, joint pain and arthritis. It has many benefits which are listed below.

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GNLD’ s Cal-Mag uses a unique double amino acid chelation process for improved absorption. Each serving of Cal-MAG provides 300mg of calcium plus 150mg of magnesium

Deficiency of calcium and magnesium can lead to many diseases e.g.
·       Convulsion
·       Depression
·       Lack of sleep
·       Hypertension
·       Softening of the bones
·       Spontaneous fracture – broken bones
·       Heart palpitation
·       Muscle cramps
·       Aching joints
·       High cholesterol
·       Eczema
·       Nervousness
·       Numbness
·       Rickets K & Bow leg
·       Tooth decay – add LDC
·       Memory problem
·       To prevent maternal death
·       To prevent blood pressure during pregnancy
·       To prevent difficult delivery
·       Good skin, bones and teeth
·       Arthritis –add Omega-3

You can supplement with cal-mag in the right dosage to improve your health. There is maintenance
dosage and health restoration dosage.  Kindly order at our online shopping gnld website and you will
receive the right dosage that works.

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GNLD tre-en-en on Sale |

GNLD products & Supplements On Sale now with Free Shipping
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GNLD Tre en en benefits
Here are 10 benefits why you need to supplement with tre-en-en

  1. It helps in maintaining your cardiovsascular system - maintain heart and avoid heart attack or heart failure, blood presure etc.
  2. Promotes nutrients utilization- takes what is good in the food you eat daily and use it properly. Over processing has reduce food nutrition, you need a products that will select the nutrients needed to maintain good health.
  3. Feed your cells by providing phyto-lipids, including Omega-6 and omega 3 fatty acids which are very difficult to see in our modern day diet.
  4. Eliminates waste from your body. Many people eat daily but do not go to toilet daily. When you keep such waste you will get sick easily. Tre en en help you get them out.
  5. To replace lack of nutrients in our diet. We hardly eat whole grains, fish , fruits and vegetables daily. Use this to help your body if you don't take whole grains like wheat, brown rice, beans - especially soya beans.
  6. To boost your energy an stop he feeling of being tired all the time. Even after a good night sleep some people still feel tired and sluggish. When you take tre-en-en you will be to wake up with energy.
  7. Stops premature gray hair and makes you feel and look younger.
  8. Boost libido and assists your medication to work faster.
  9. Restores energy after illness-malaria or typhoid fever, diabetes, fertility and other ailments.
  10. It helps your cells livelong and so you live longer.
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Friday, 7 November 2014

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