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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Malaria Treatment | Use Effective Combination fo Neolife Supplements

Malaria Treatment -

GNLD: Order directly from the Neolife company at use this sponsor ID 063-0887257 to enter the site and create your own account so you can place order. This wipe off online trust issues as you will deal directly with Neolife International and have no fear of not receiving your products.

How To Stop Frequent Malaria Attack

During the world health day this year, it was declared that 800 persons die daily due to malaria fever.
If this is true, everyone need to protect themselves from this disease. It is a killer disease and should not be overlooked.

Malaria fever is caused by a single-celled organism called plasmodium that thrives in the red cells of its victim. It spread from one to another through mosquito bites.

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Below are the vitamins and supplements you can use and stop frequenting hospital due to malaria fever.

What Causes Malaria? You get this fever when you have exposed yourself to mosquito bites or someone who had this fever.

Malaria Symptoms includes:
  • Chills and headache that come and go
  • Fever that last every 2 or 3 days for at least 2-3 hours
  • high temperature
  • mascular pains
  • heavy sweating
  • loss of appetite
  • body weakness and pale skin
Steps For Malaria Prevention
  • Avoid mosquito bite
  • Use mosquito nets when sleeping
  • Keep your environment clean
  • Remove breeding places like cans, broken pots,  stagnant water etc
Malaria Treatment
You must do a lab test to confirm if you have malaria fever and start your malaria drugs immediately.
To help you recover you need to boost your immunity so as to help your body fight back. Don't take it lightly as it can kill like any other chronic disease. You need a strong immunity.

This sickness can drain the blood easily so you must include a blood tonic to help you respond easily. To help your blood become more powerful to fight off this health problem, take Carotenoid complex. This is also will boost your immunity.

Neolife Products For Malaria Fever
You must take a different dosage as prescribed by a trained Neolife Distributors.  To get your desired result l suggest you get your malaria treatment nutritional supplements from Growing Team Shop online or at  Jumia market online here
These are the two place l know you will get the result you want because growing team has been in the Neolife business for over 17 years and you can benefits from their experience.

Supplements You Can Use & Order at Jumia Market
Formula iv plus
Carotenoid complex
Vitamin c  or Vitamin B complex (especially if the person cannot eat or toilet very well)
Aloe vera plus (if vomiting and cannot sleep add this)
Note: Don't forget to ask your healthcare provide for a blood tonic you can use.
With this you will recover fast and be on your feet in no time,

If you suffer this attack frequently then stay on Neolife Carotenoid complex and Tre en en  for at least 90 days.

Always use the correct and effective dosage that works. If you are already sick, you can't take GNLD products as supplement and really get fast result. Get the book below and see effective dosage for your health issue.

 "Effective Combination of Neolife Supplements"  eBook has over 200 disease effective combination and dosage with GUARANTEED result for the past  17 years. Customers save money by keeping a copy for themselves. They only buy Neolife Products met for any health problem they had or someone close to them had and save money and recovery time.
Order your copy below. It will sent to your email box to download and print or read within 24 hrs of getting confirmation to your payment.

How do you protect yourself and family from this attack?
Instead of looking for malaria cure, follow the listed health tips below to stay out of it.
  1. Keep your environment clean
  2. If you notice any malaria symptoms mentioned above do a lab test to rule out this condition and to also avoid self medication as it cause delay treatment. Use the malaria drugs recommended along with your Neolife products to recover quickly.
  3. Have treated mosquito net in every room. To avoid too much heat in the room, keep a bucket of cold water in the room and remember to face the heat than face death due to this attack.
  4. Detoxify yourself and family once or thrice a year to rule out any parasites in the body. If you have the money, l suggest you use the complete detoxification supplements listed in the "Effective Combination" eBook.
If you follow this write up, you will hardly breakdown and save money in frequent hospital bills.

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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

GNLD | How To Buy GNLD Products Directly from the company

It is easy to buy gnld products in Nigeria now. The company do not sell directly to customers but through their distributors. You can now buy at their official online store 24/7.

Luckily, you can order neolife products at the company official website in Nigeria at To enter the site and buy all you need is to use NeolifeID 063-0887257 as your sponsor and then create your own account.

Steps to order GNLD products are as follows.
1) Browse official company wise: and choose your country at your top right hand
2) Choose Products  and add to CART. At check out, you will be require to choose a sponsor. Type this NeolifeID 063-0887257  and you can create your own account and deal directly with the company.

The first product to use to improve is the Formula iv plus. It is complete food supplement.

Remember to create account for yourself and use the sponsor NeolifeID 063-0887257 as the person who referred you. This way you are dealing directly with GNLD and you can pay with your ATM card  without fear and your supplements will be deliver to you by courier anywhere in Nigeria.

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To select few products to use and get your desire result, get the eBook: Effective Combination of Neolife Products. This book has over 200 diseases' combination and the effective dosage that works. Many customers have copy of this eBook and they are saving money in adding to getting fast result.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Here you will discover how the Neolife International Company has change people's lives in Nigeria.

Olanike & Afeez Bello, Nigeria

Before GNLD came into our lives we were living from hand to mouth. We joined GNLD in 2005 and had to borrow money to start the Business. Today, poverty has become prosperity. We now own a car, properties in Lagos and we have travelled to places like Durban, London, Mexico and Hawaii. The GNLD Opportunity has provided us with a lifestyle we could have never have dreamt of living.

If We Can Do It, So Can You

Afeez & Rooqoyat Tijani, Nigeria

Afeez struggled to find a well-paid job that he enjoyed and that is when he decided to start his own GNLD Business. "Since joining GNLD we have achieved financial stability and can travel wherever and whenever we want. Thanks to GNLD we have purchased our own home. We knew we could be successful with our commitment and self-discipline. GNLD is more than a business; through it we have achieved our goals and dreams, improved our self-confidence, health and personal development. If we can do it, so can you."

Achieving quality of life with quality products

Kenneth & Kelechi Okoh, Nigeria

Being a pharmacist, Kelechi is very skeptical of claims made by supplement manufacturers. "We started using the GNLD Nutritionals and the benefits were quickly and clearly visible. We were amazed. The health of our entire family is superb. We are hardly ever ill and when we are, the recovery time is dramatically shortened. The add-on benefit of GNLD is that our bank balance is much healthier than before we joined GNLD. The products and Opportunity have been life changing. GNLD is our total well-being partner."

Showing Others the Path to Success

Ochuko & Nannayi Dakat, Nigeria

"Teaching and showing people the path to success has always been my passion," says Ochuko. "As an Osteopath, I have always known that my income could not allow me the opportunity to provide my children with the best education that I have always wished for. I needed a change, something to ensure this and more. The GNLD Opportunity has enabled me, as a single mother to provide for my family in many ways. It has not only rewarded me financially, but has empowered me to help others who have never had the means to provide for their families and live amazing lives."

Reach Your Full Potential

Ikechukwu & Blessing Kanu, Nigeria

With GNLD we are experiencing financial wealth and enjoying international travel. Around the world GNLD is touching the lives of people positively. Through GNLD anybody is able to reach their full potential.

Bring Back the Joy in Your Life

Shakirat & Bolarinwa Abimbola, Nigeria

"Before GNLD our lives were miserable with no future, GNLD brought back the joy that was missing in our lives and the lives of our family. If you want financial freedom choose GNLD. Make it happen today!"

Make a Difference

John & Hope Kome, Nigeria

"As a pastor I joined GNLD with a view to making a difference in the lives of people all over Africa - today my wife and I are doing exactly that! We have seen countless positive changes in the lives of people in our community over the years, which include our lives. Today we have no financial worries. The GNLD Difference has made a huge difference. With the brilliant Marketing Plan and outstanding products of GNLD we are able to pursue our passions and live lives filled with vitality and prosperity. GNLD is truly incredible."

Become a Dream Achiever

Rabiu & Mojisola Adepoju, Nigeria

Rabiu lived a hard life with his family. "Life was tough and all we had was my wife's income who worked as a teacher, it was a daily struggle to make ends meet. We joined GNLD in 2002 and since then this Opportunity has helped our lives become worth living. It has provided us with personal development, a healthy income and allowed us to travel around the world. Providing the Opportunity to other people to allow them to become dream achievers is what we cherish the most. We now know that success is no longer just financial, but a pursuit of a dream that can only be achieved using the GNLD Business Opportunity. Achieving your dreams and goals brings joy and excitement to anyone that sees it becoming a reality. GNLD did this for my family and I."

Young Graduates Travelling the World

Ajarat & Mojisola Malik, Nigeria

"As a graduate fresh out of school I started looking for a job, but to no avail. Life was tough and hopeless. GNLD has changed our lives completely. We now live vibrant lives and travel to places we could have never imagined, like South Africa, Zambia and Dubai. Seeing other people succeed is our greatest reward and motivates us to achieve more. GNLD is all about touching peoples' lives positively. GNLD is for dreamers and achievers! Life is beautiful with GNLD

It's never too late to secure a bright future

Asane & Comfort Odogu, Nigeria

"Many people think that life ends when you retire. With GNLD our life started after our retirement! When we retired from our careers we were left with very little financial security. The GNLD Opportunity changed our lives completely. Our health is great, we are free of financial worries and have been able to enjoy our retirement and travel worldwide because of GNLD. The Opportunity is for everyone, irrespective of your age or stage of life."

Uncover Your Hidden Potential

Moses & Regina Ashigbui, Ghana

"I never knew that the path to living a quality lifestyle was so simple and fun until I joined GNLD. My hidden potential was exposed by this wonderful GNLD Opportunity that has brought me tremendous financial freedom and provided my family with everything we need. Since I started using GNLD's Nutritional Products I no longer suffer from persistent headaches that I have had over the past eight years. I have also discovered that the GNLD values and principals are ones I can live by and share with everyone around me to help them improve their lives."

Achieve Things beyond Your Dreams

Azingwa Deo-Volente & Azwe Irene Anyere, Cameroon

"In 2006 I worked at a market selling movies to make a living. All I had was a small store in the market which served both as my shop and my house. I slept on cardboard because I had no bed or mattress. Life was a nightmare. Not only was I poor but my whole family was poor. I was in desperate need of an Opportunity to improve my circumstances and that is when I decided to join GNLD. Through GNLD my wife and I have been able to purchase a lovely apartment of our own. We have even travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa and stayed in luxurious hotels, which is something we could never have imagined all courtesy of GNLD. Today I have the power to purchase everything I need without stress."

The right opportunity at the right time

Moses & Juliet Klinogo, Ghana

"Where do we sign?" was the best question Moses has ever asked. From very humble beginnings to a life of abundance the Kilinogo's have never looked back. "Before GNLD I couldn't afford a pair of shoes, but I didn't need them because I was going nowhere. Since joining GNLD our lives are infinitely better. We have travelled the world in style, have no financial worries and have given our children the foundation needed to achieve all they can dream. Trust us - if you have a dream then here and now is the right time to grab hold of the GNLD Opportunity."



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Friday, 23 March 2018

How To Make Money Business Ideas

You want to make money that is why you are here.
Below are business ideas you can decide to use to achieve your dream of making money.

There are 3 ways we want to show you.

Make Money From With Healthcare Business Plan
In this business opportunity, we will help you start a healthcare company of your own.  Many people are experiencing different health problems and you can make money from this by connecting these people to health products that will give them the solution. See health problems you can solve and make lots of money part time or full time.  You will also be connected to a company manufacturing natural health products and is into is network marketing. With this plan, you are rewarded for helping the company market their products. The company can help you travel the whole world for free if you market their health products. You will be extra monthly bonus to add to the profits you make. You will also have the chance to win free health products  and cash as you help them move their products to customers. All you need is to learn how the products can solve people's health problem and the money will flow in. We will help teach you and support you to succeed.

Depending on how much you will like to make. You can make little or a lot depending on the amount with which you wish to start and the efforts you are ready to run your business. The health industry is booming and you can make a lot of profits including monthly cash bonus pay out by the company we are connecting you to. You could make in addition to your profits extra N300, 000 to N1,000,000 monthly depending whether you start a small scale business or large healthcare business. To know more how a network marketing business works, read the full presentation here.
There are business ideas that will help you pay off all debts and achieve your dreams. They are Oil and gas, communication, food and drinks and healthcare.  But you need someone who is successful in any of this opportunities to teach you and since we are into the booming health industry, we are willing to teach and support you on how to make money to make lots of profits and enjoy lot of cash along with free Travel Abroad incentives from the company we are connecting to you. Get full details and and start this business idea without delay.

You can start your own healthcare company with as little as N16,250 or as much as N1,000,000 and above depending on the amount you are willing to run your own healthcare business.

Make between N300,000  & N1,000,000 or more Monthly after watching one of many successful in the company we are connecting you to in This Video. Remove Every Distraction Now!
If you like to TRAVEL abroad for FREE like people shown in the video below, you need to start your own healthcare business today.

Online Business
Start your online business and make money from different countries of the world. This is second way to make money. Many people are searching the internet for things they want and you can make money from them. You can set up your own internet businesses to make money 24/7. The first place to start is with affiliate programs - that is you register as affiliate and  just recommend people searching online to where they can get what they are searching for and get paid for that. For example, we have set up healthcare affiliate program  and you are paid for customers that buy from our online store. Payment is made in points and percentage. Example. a point is N25.00. Imagine you got 1000 points that will bring in N25,000 without buying and selling anything but just directing people to health products when they are searching online or offline. You can start with your friends and relatives. They are using some form of vitamins, cleaning products and cosmetics. Tell them to buy them cheaper at our online store and you will get paid.
To get started, register as an affiliates and promote our health products to people you know anywhere in the world. You can  register to join the affiliate program with this registration code 1309 at You don't need to invest money or sell anything by yourself but just promote your affiliate links to make serious commission online 24/7. You can make extra N100,000 or more monthly just by recommending our online to any you know online or offline.

To Make Real Money Online: You need to know the process and if you don't know how to make money online, you need to learn step by step on how to do it so you won't miss out and not waste your money  on data and time browsing on the internet endlessly while others are making money. You won't earn money unless you are trained by those already doing so. To help you achieve this, we recommend you buy this eBook: How to Make Money Online Step by Step Training. Within 7 days of completing this online training you will start to make money from the internet guaranteed. Alternatively, you can continue to search for ways to make money online continuously year in year out without nothing to show for it or act now by ordering this eBook. It is now your choice.

This book will be sent to your email box (you can use a friend email address if you don't have) so you can download it and follow. We are ready to answer your question during the first 7 days of ordering this eBook so you can set up many online businesses.
To order the eBook, pay to Growing Team A/c: IBTC Bank 000111759079 and send details to and you will receive this eBook within 24hrs of receiving your payment.
If you are outside Nigeria, send $20 through Western Union Transfer to Okpubigho Mercy, Delta, Nigeria and send payment details. You will receive the eBook within 48hrs of confirming your payment.

Opportunity To Support Your Entrepreneur Ideas 

The third way to make money is to join  refer and earn. In this method you join the Freedom Co-operative with N6,000 and refer other people to the co-operative. You don't sell anything but you earn N3,000 per person you introduced. The co-operative help people build their own home, buy machines to run their business with very little interest. Example, say you run a restaurant and need a deep freezer, the co-operative will buy it for you when you have saved up to 40% and you pay little interest for specific period. Same for people who wish to build a home or buy a land. This co-operative only invest in assets - things that save money or bring in money. Register to join at http;//

That is it, chose  all or any of the ways shown to you above to make money to support yourself and achieve your dreams. We are ready to help you succeed, just contact us today.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Health Benefits Of Vitamin C - Neolife Products

Discover many uses of Vitamin c

NEOLIFE: Order directly from the Neolife company at use this sponsor ID 063-0887257 to enter the site and create your own account so you can place order. This wipe off online trust issues as you will deal directly with Neolife International and have no fear of not receiving your products.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is water soluble, it is very fragile and so cannot be store in the body. You need it daily and should get it from your food. But preparation and over processing has stripped it from our food.  It is what holds the body together. Vitamin C is an anti-aging vitamin.  It is a detoxifier of toxins, mercury; lead etc-reasons city dwellers need it every day. Neolife Vitamin c has one tablet of vitamin c 500mg a

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to:
a.      Problematic teeth, eyes and gums reasons people loose teeth
b.      Poor healing of wounds
c.       Poor breast milk
d.      Poor digestion
e.      Bleeding gums and lose teeth
f.        Low blood sugar
This Vitamin can be use for:
ü  Stress and body pain –add Cal-mag and Omega-3 or Tre-en-en
ü  Womb – to strengthen the womb when you add Cal-mag
ü  Asthma
ü  Blood pressure( use 6 daily)
ü  Vision problems
ü  To prevent bleeding during and after delivery –add Cal-mag
ü  Cancer
ü  Frequent colds
ü  Coughing –add fiber (use 1 Vitamin C tablet every 3-4 hours)
ü  Scurvy and toothache
ü  Body pains
ü  Joint pains
ü  Poor digestion
ü  Breathing problems
ü  Stress
ü  Infection
ü  To remove heavy metals
ü  To fight the venom of black spider
ü  To stop frequent bruising
ü  Healing of wounds and burns
ü  To restore energy
ü  To lower bad cholesterol
You can get this vitamin in fruits and vegetables cannot stand heat and so getting enough from them is difficult.  If you eat any food that contains preservatives, you need Vitamin C to detoxify your body of all such chemicals.

 To maintain your health, you can take two tablets to achieve Vitamin c 1000mg and improve your healing power in addition to enhance your immunity.

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If you are searching for a way to make money and you are ready to start earning extra N120,000 monthly, you can explore this business opportunity here. Find out how to start business with just N16,250 and become successful in life.

Register as affiliate and make money online. Free training is provided