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Thursday, 30 October 2014

How To Earn Bigger Bonus Checks In GNLD Business Event

GNLD:How To Earn Bigger Bonus Checks
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Sunday, 26 October 2014

GNLD Health Produccts

GNLD Distributors Site: Order vitamins from GNLD international here
GNLD company has many products that can improve your health. If you have a specific health challenge, it is better you visit to see the effective combination to improve your health.

I will list vitamins here for you to select and use to take care of your health issues.If you go through this gnld blog, you will be able to read health information that you can use to reduce your medical bills it will stop your frequent visit to hospital.Sign the form below to get these products cheaper.

  Benefits of GNLD Vitamin C

Vitamin C is water soluble, it is very fragile and so cannot be store in the body. You need it daily and should get it from your food. But preparation and over processing has stripped it from our food.  It is what holds the body together. Vitamin C is an anti-aging vitamin.  It is a detoxifier of toxins, mercury; lead etc-reasons city dwellers need it every day.

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to:
a.      Problematic teeth, eyes and gums reasons people loose teeth
b.      Poor healing of wounds
c.      Poor breast milk
d.      Poor digestion
e.      Bleeding gums and lose teeth
f.       Low blood sugar
Vitamin C can be use for:
ü  Stress and body pain –add Cal-mag and Omega-3 or Tre-en-en
ü  Womb – to strengthen the womb when you add Cal-mag
ü  Asthma
ü  Blood pressure( use 6 daily)
ü  Vision problems
ü  To prevent bleeding during and after delivery –add Cal-mag
ü  Cancer
ü  Frequent colds
ü  Coughing –add fiber (use 1tablet of Vitamin C every 3-4 hours)
ü  Scurvy and toothache
ü  Body pains
ü  Joint pains
ü  Poor digestion
ü  Breath problems
ü  Stress
ü  Infection
ü  To remove heavy metals
ü  To fight the venom of black spider
ü  To stop frequent bruising
ü  Healing of wounds and burns
ü  To restore energy
ü  To lower bad cholesterol

Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables cannot stand heat and so getting enough from them is difficult.  If you eat any food that contains preservatives, you need Vitamin C to detoxify your body of all such chemicals.

Benefits of GNLD Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex can be use for:
·        Stress feelings
·        Enlarge liver
·        Nervousness
·        Tiredness or fatigue
·        Insomnia  - lack of good night sleep
·        Mental disorders
·        Dizziness
·        Headaches, poor digestion, retarded growth
·        Oily facial skin
·        Epilepsy
·        Lack of energy
·        Anemia
·        Poor appetite
·        Blood sugar problems
·        Arthritis, asthma, allergies
·        Constipation
·        Acne or scaly skin
·        Hair loss (baldness) or to restore premature grey hair
·        Candida problems
·        Depression or being sad all the time
·        Getting afraid unnecessary or having night mares
·        Burning feet or abdominal pains
·        Muscle cramps and limb pains
·        Dandruff
·        Diarrhea
·        Crack mouth sore or around the eyes, nose
·        Inflamed red tongue
·        Numbness of arms and legs
·        Memory loss
·        Convulsion
·        Rough skin, crack and sore mouth
·        To help fetus develop well

Benefit of GNLD Vitamin E

A 1996 study from Cambridge University showed that high daily doses of Vitamin E in (400-800mg) reduce the risk of heart disease up to a massive 75%. Another study showed it is 20 times higher when you use alpha tocotrienol rather than alpha tocophenol. GNLD vitamin e has d alpha tocotrienol; it has the 8 natural components as appear in nature. 
·        Vitamin E deficiency can lead to:
·       -Stretch marks                                           -Ulcer
·       -Low sperm count                                    -Heart disease
·       -Blood clot and high cholesterol                -Lack of proper circulation in the body
·       -Scarring from wounds                             -Prostrates cancer for smokers
·       -Early sign of ageing (pre-mature aging)     -Cataracts
·       -Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage)       -Lack of energy (sport men and women need it)
·       -Menstrual problems                                -hot flushes
·       -Anemia                                                   -Fibrocystic breast lump/breast tenderness
·       -Cold hands and feet (as in diabetic patient
·       -Menopausal 'aging spot'                           -Short breath and leg cramps
·       -Epilepsy                                                   -Allergies/inflammation
·       -Angina (strong chest pain)

·       Vitamin E has been found to protect against 80 diseases. If you must buy Vitamin E to use for any reason buy the natural Vitamin E as the body benefit more from it. Natural vitamin E is better than synthetic Vitamin E (dI-alpha).

Benefits of GNLD Vitamin A & D

This is a fat soluble vitamins, it is found in animal and fish liver oil. Carotene is found only in colored fruits and vegetables. This is a pro-vitamin that is converted by the body for retinol. The eyes, skin, hair, teeth and immune system depend on it.
Vitamin A deficiency can lead to:
·        Excess discharge from ear or virginal
·        Skin rashes
·        Eye problem
·        Rhinitis or asthma
·        Rough and dry skin
·        Premature aging skin
·        Catch infection easily
·        Not easy to get pregnant
·        Poor growth
·        Brittle fingernails
·        Loss of small and appetite
·        Tuberculosis
·        Viral infection

It can be used for:
·        Pus in the ears
·        Frequent cold or fever
·        Lack of sleep
·        Poor growth
·        Night blindness
·        Unnecessary weight loss
·        Ace
·        Infertility
·        To correct children deform tooth or scissors type
·        Respiratory infections like cough, asthma, sneezing without end.

Note: Antibiotic and laxative interfere with the absorption of Vitamin A. Too much Vitamin A can cause toxic so taking too much on daily basis can be harmful and cause the following problems: Hair loss, itching, joint pain, water on brain, cracks and scales on lips, birth defect. Using the Carotenoids complex to complete your required daily dose does not cause harm.

If you want to select you already know and use constantly, l suggest you go to the Nigeria's online store at At this site you will see all the GNLD products price list.

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Super Gro Is Organic Fertilizer for flowers, agriculture, garden or lawn
Fertilizer Booster: Super Gro
The Wonder Drop That Increases Harvest!
How To Boost Fertilizer With Super Gro
And Increase Harvest By 600%
NAFDAC Approves GNLD Super Gro for Farmers.
Use it & have bumper harvest too!
Use it and get better crops or bigger fish/chicken within a short period.

If you are into agriculture, farming of any nature, you can use super gro to add to your fertilizer to harvest more from your farm.

If you are into chicken farming, you can use super gro in the right mixture to help your chicken survive and produce more eggs or command market price and make more profit.

If you are into  fish farming, you can use this liquid fertilizer to get bigger fish and make more money, there will be no carnibalism in your fish farm.

This is the best organic fertilizer you can add to your farming systems. Use it and make money.

5 litre goes for N10,500 Call to place order now 08035394569 or 08024594410

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Fertilizer Agent Wanted Urgently

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Important Information For GNLD Distributors

GNLD News For Distributors
You have the opportunity to make lots of money from your gnld business. What is stopping you  is PV. How do you make 1000PV personally every 30 days? Over 200 million distributors are making over 1000PV monthly why not you? Stop making 100Pv, that is for frustrated distributors. Look at the marketing plan sent to you. when you registered. Only lazy people want to do 100pv and like to earn much. What you sow is what you reap period. You will not make much money if you stay on that 100pv, it is a fact - that is one of the things your sponsor will not tell you - it came out,  oops! Most sponsor will tell you just do your 100pv. If you stay in 100pv a month when will you be able to earn N200 to N500 or more thousands monthly? If it is working by now you will be earning great bonuses. Yes if it is working, am sure you have joined for more than 6 months, so how much are you earning now? your guest is right - it is not working because your last month bonus is a proof.

If people doing 100pv a month are not making money, what hope is for those who joined and not doing any pv at all? 

You need to know what to do to join those successful distributors and that is why l developed "20 ways to achieve 1000PV+"  If you concentrate on one or two ways from this ebook,  you can make 1000pv easily. I use one or two of those 20 ways and make between 2,500 to 5000Pv personally monthly. If you have access to find out from gnld company do to confirm this. That may be high but l am aiming higher. Charlie Bulton - 5 diamond director in South Africa makes 20,000PV personally every 30 days! Don't be deceive, up grade your pv and see the power of gnld business. Make more money instead of making excuses on why it can't be done.

To help you l am giving out this ebook for just a recharge card of N500. Send it to 08035394569 and it will send to the email address you sent with the recharge.

It is my gift to distributors struggling to get PV and moving from one company to another searching for money. Stop moving start focusing on how to make 1000PV+ monthly. Help just 3 persons do the same and go home with over N100,000 monthly. Add bonus this to your other source of money and the difference will show within 6 months.

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You will get full explanation on how to run your gnld business successful and what most upline sponsor will not tell you so you earn less and they earn more. With this book a bad sponsor cannot block you in this business. You need it if you are not making over N200,000 but if you are making that kind of money in your gnld business then you know the secrets already. If not, then grab this book and get paid the amount you deserve. Fight and quarreling with your sponsor will not help you and jumping ship by joining another network company will be a disaster you may regret for life. The reason is network is network and all require SPONSOR. You can't guarantee your sponsor actions in the next network company.
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GNLD:1st GNLD Online Store In Nigeria

GNLD #1 Online Store In Nigeria
We have a gnld online store in Nigeria where you can select gnld products on your own. There are combination for heart, pile, arthritis, constipation, prenatal vitamins for pregnancy, sport men and women, women's health and men's health. Visit: Our Nigeria online shop here:

You will be able to read health information concerning health products that will improve your health.
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Saturday, 11 October 2014

GNLD Feminine Herbal Complex Benefits

GNLD Feminine Herbal Complex Benefits
Feminine herbal complex restores a sense of harmony and well-being every day of that without feeling bad during menstruation.

GNLD feminine herbal complex contain 10 herbs in balanced mix to help women achieve a optimal health, comfort, calmness and vitality. For example St. John's Wort, help support calmness, boost spirits and promote happy mental attitude. Vitex and red sage support normal female physiology and function.

Other benefits:
ü  It gives stamina and endurance
ü  It stops irregular period
ü  It stops heavy menstrual flow
ü  It stops excessive sweating and calm the body
ü  It reduces mild anxiety/stress
ü  It reduces abdominal bloating
ü  It is good for swollen fingers/ankles
ü  It reduces mild depression
ü  It improves wellness
ü  It relieves congestion of liver and gallbladder

ü  It reduces fluid retention
*Note:This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is a herbal supplement to help improve health.

To order this product, visit our online store in Nigeria for health products at
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GNLD Masculine Herbal Complex Benefits

GNLD Masculine Herbal Complex Benefits
Masculine herbal Complex helps men regain renewed energy and physical vitality. It contains 9 herbs in balance mix to support normal masculine function and improve wellness and vitality. For example Sal palmetto promotes male vitality and has been shown to support prostate and urinary tract health. Avena sativa is good for libido and damiana is a tonic for the nervous system which known to energize mood.

Other uses and  benefits:
Ø  Promotes peak performance
Ø  Prevents urinary infections
Ø  Lowers blood pressure
Ø  It relieve fever and stimulate digestion
Ø  It calms the nerves
Ø  It is good for nerve pain, toothache and spinal pain
Ø  It cares for tremors
Ø  It reduces anxiety and stress
Ø  It promotes vitality
Ø  It boost reproductive systems –(increase sperm count)

Ø  It corrects impotence and sterility
Ø  It relieves fatigues and weakness

Ø  It has anti-diabetic ability

*Note:This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is a herbal supplement to help improve health.

To order this visit our online store at or call Mercy on 08035394569 or 08024594410

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