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Sunday, 15 November 2015


In this blog l will bring together some gnld neolife business training you need if you just starts your own gnld business or you are frustrated and not going anywhere in your business.

Information here are totally free for you to read online or listen to growing your business.

First l want to recommend is my own 10 days free gnld training online. You need to pass through what l called "first and important training you can't jump" Sign into it here

Here is a video training from group of online business owners running gnld business.

This gnld video will train you on the health benefits of neolife products. Another products training from Doctor John Miller.

To know how to dreams

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

GR2 CONTROL Weight Loss

Don't Struggle to lose weight, use gr2 control complete weight loss program 
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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Ovulation Supplements

Ovulation | Effective Supplement Combination
If you are not ovulating, you can boost your fertility with the right supplements. Luckily for you we have them at

If you are not ovulating you cannot conceive so you need to eat the right diet and supplement such diet to correct this problem. This is a hormonal imbalance problem, just balance your hormones and voila you will start ovulating.

If this problem has been on for a long time, you need to use our supplement plus follow our proper calculation to conceive. Our combination has help many women for the past 12 years.

If you want natural means to boost ovulation, then supplements and diet is the best choice for you and you can place order here or call Mercy if you have questions.+2348035394569 or +23424594410

Order your Ovulation Supplements Now!

The combination is just 5 gnld products that is N23,500 (price can increase due to dollar trends)

Method of payment
Transfer to GNLD LTD account
Zenithbank 1010248345
Write Okpubigho Mercy & 887257 on transaction space for your payment to be posted.
Send details to +2348035394569 for us to confirm from the company and deliver.

Free delivery to you if you live in Abuja, Lagos, Benin, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Warri and Onitsha.
Outside these areas, you need to phone to confirm shipping cost before you make payment.

Note: Do not phone to know their names as gnld company does not write illness or sickness on the bottles of supplement. We did this combination and it works every time our customers used it. We are only read to attend to serious persons who wish to solve their problem and not those concern about name of supplements we are using.

Disclaimer: Everybody respond differently. Supplements are not drugs and so cannot replace your medication or be use to diagnose, cure, or treat.

GNLD Supplements For Fibroid

Fibroid : Melt Fibroid & Get Pregnant
Melt Fibroid & Get Pregnant. You can use effective combination. Get them at

Many women have problem of uterine fibroids without know and thereby they continue to find ways to help their infertility issue. When you continue to boost your fertility with fertility drugs, you will grow your fibroid faster.

This is the reason we have list out fertility drugs to avoid in our ebook "Fibroid Dissolver eBooK". We also discover that certain foods that encourage or boost fertility also encourage and prevent any natural treatment for fibroid and so we have list them in the eBook too.

All you need to shrink fibroid naturally, is to get the gnld supplement combination for fibroid and stop using those fertility drugs plus remove all foods that grows fibroid. When you do this, within 3-6 months you will be able to melt fibroid and get pregnant.

To order the combination of supplement for fibroid visit or call Mercy on +2348035394569 or +23424594410 today!

You can also request for the free fibroid report that explains the details of getting rid of fibroid naturally without going through surgery by submitting the form here.

GNLD Supplements for Quick Ejaculation

>Premature Ejaculation Treatments and Causes

Quick Ejaculation Supplements

If you suffer from frequent or experience ocassional disappointment during intercourse, you should know that there is something wrong.

There are many things that can contribute to this among which some of them are listed below.

1. Lost of interest in present spouse
2. Emotion stress or long time illness
3. Untreated infection or treated but not monitored to make it was totally cleared.
4. Old habit of masturbation
5. Frequent consumption of alcohol
6. Long use of sexual stimula drugs
7. High sugar level
8. Weak heart
9. Lack of proper blood circulation
10. Improper diet
and more.

To get complete solution to quick ejaculation or libido problem, you need to adjust your diet, treat any other health associated with it plus use the right supplement to restore your sexual health.

If your interest in spouse is gone, you need to restore it.You can use a blue film to do this or discuss the problem face to face.

If you take too much alcohol, you need to reduce it and maintain proper sugar level.

If your heart is weak, you need to treat it and restore its energy. Adding garlic to your diet will help but if you order from us we will give the list of foods that restore libido and help you over quick ejaculation.

When you put these in place you will get complete solution.
To hasten the process we will give you gnld products combination to fix this embarrassment.

The combination that will be given to you have been used for years with result. All you need to get this combination is to visit or call Mercy on +2348035394569 or +2348024594410.

Disclaimer: Everybody respond differently. Supplements can replace your medication and cannot be use to diagnose, treat, cure. If you are seriously sick, consult your healthcare provider.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Make Money Online in Nigeria

Make Business Ideas - Online Business Opportunity

You can make money online in Nigeria by joining our affiliate program.  For everyone you refer to join our affiliate as an affiliate you get N900. Just refer more people to achieve dream amount monthly.

When you join just add your affiliate link to your social medias e.g. facebook, twitter etc. You can add it to your blogs, websites or send it to your friends and love ones using bulksmswebsite.

If you need help in setting up your own online business with our affiliate program call Mercy on business hours 08035394569 or 08024594410.

Benefits of GNLD Protein Products

PROTEINS Below is full benefit of gnld protein products.  GNLD Neolife company has the following proteins
1. Nutrishake
2. NeolifeShake
3. Meal Replacement

Too little protein in combination with too much carbohydrate causes hormonal imbalance that sets the stage for weight gain and other unhealthy conditions such as hypertension, and high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.  Protein helps to build and repair cells.  GNLD uses a special process to get the right proteins. When protein is exposed to too much heat, it does no good to the body. The body needs 22 amino acids in order for these cells to build properly.  GNLD’s Nutrishake provides the 22 amino acids required, as against what you have in competing products in the market that provide just 9-18 amino acids (check their labels).
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Weight Management means you need to lose fat, feel full and satisfied and keep muscle that is why Neo-life an arm of GNLD came out with NeolifeShake.
This program is design for you so you don’t need to count kilojoules all day long, attend counseling sessions or fads that discourage you from your weight reduction plan.
All you need is decide where you want to be and you will now use clinically proven Gr2 Control technology which prevents glycaemic roller coaster (high and low sugar level that encourage weight gain) and shift your biochemistry to minimize fat storage while burning fat.
Neolifeshake is available in Creamy Vanilla and Chocolate Flavours.
NeolifeShake is protein that is required to keep muscle and maintain weight so you don’t gain it back. The USDA recommended daily consumption of 0.8g of good-quality protein per kilogram of body weight. Higher amounts are recommended for growing children and teens, pregnant and lactating women, and those trying to lose weight.
For weight management, studies show that higher protein diets help suppress hunger, increase satiety and burn fat, thereby promoting weight loss and making it easier to stay on a weight loss programme.
What To Look For In Your Protein Source
·         Biologically Complete. It should have all 22 amino acids including the essential ones.
·         High Quality- all protein sources are not equal. The ratio of essential amino acids dictates the “quality” of protein. A PDCAAS( protein quality score) of 1 or higher is consider “excellent”. The higher the value, the better it matches the body’s natural amino acid profile says …Codex Alimentarius Commission. 1989, Document ALINORM 89/30, Rome.FAO.
·         Naturally low in fat and cholesterol
·         Metabolically balanced ratios of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate.
All these are what you find in NeolifeShake and more!
·         It has 18 grams of high quality protein and contains all 22 amino acids including all the essential amino acids.
·         It has 5 grams of satisfy fibre so you feel full and satisfied.
·         It mixes easily in water
·         The can contains only 663 kilojoules so you have no fear while using it.
·         It has no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colours, Gluten contributing ingredients, hydrogenated fats/trans fats, genetically modified (GMO) ingredients or saturated fats.
Fitness Made Easy
Follow the plan here and still enjoy the foods you love with the people you care about while you still lose weight.
Take before photo before you start your weight loss program.
Determine to lose 0.05-1kg  per week
Follow the smart guide in your gr2 control kit and take healthy meals.
Snacks are important in your weight reduction plan so chose from the followings:
Healthy Snacks
·         ½ apple with 1/3 cup low fat cottage
·         30g wedge (matchbox size) of cheese (low fat) and celery/carrot sticks
·         1 egg (boiled on toasted whole wheat bread (1 slice)
·         2 cups raw vegetables with ½ cup low fat dip
·         1 cup Roma tomatoes with ½ cup Mozzarella cheese (low fat), basil and lemon juice
·         ½ cup grapes (red, green, purple) with a wedge (matchbox size) of Camembert cheese
·         1 cup vegetable soup
·         1 fruit portion and 8-10 almonds
·         2- 3 medium size oranges and one cup of clean water
·         2 serving of cabbage (a serving is tennis ball size) with lemon juice (one medium size dilute with water )
·         1 medium dry fish of your choice and one cup  of NeoLife Tea, orange or lemon juice (one medium size dilute with water)
·         2-3 serving of moimoi (beans pudding) and clean water
·         1-2 Banana and clean water
·         Medium size watermelon or ½ of watermelon
·         One cup of naturally prepared pineapple juice
·         1-3 Carrot sticks and clean water
·         2-10 Walnut and clean water
·         One cup of grape fruit juice
·         One cup of Neolife Tea
See the Weight Management guide in your gr2 control kit for more details.

Nutrishake can be use:
Ø  To boost the immune system
Ø  To have great energy and look or feel younger
Ø  To repair or replace damage cells
Ø  To correct hormonal imbalance
Ø  To prevent high blood pressure
Ø  To prevent heart disease or reverse it
Ø  To reduce cholesterol level
Ø  To help the pancreas of diabetic persons
Ø  To restore thin hair & brittle nails
Ø  To stabilize sugar level
Ø  To prevent swollen ankles
Ø  To stop all craving for sweets, alcohol and drugs
Ø  To stop overweigh/underweight tendency

Ø  To stop hyperactivity
Use this to replace a meal to encourage weight loss or maintenance.
    It controls how the body uses energy and stores fat
ü  It provides the needed nutrients and so help protects lean body mass.
ü  It helps prevent the under mentioned weight associated illness
1.      High blood pressure
2.      Diabetes
3.      Cancer
4.      Infertility
5.      Gallstones
6.      Heart diseases
7.      Chronic fatigue and a host of other physical and psychological challenges.

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Disclaimer: Supplements cannot replace your medication so if you are really sick consult your health care provider.