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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Fertility Supplements

visit to get fertility supplements you can use to improve your fertility.
If you use the effective combination, you could conceive within 2-3 months.

You will also discover package for boosting sperm count or to take care of hormonal imbalance.

You will see packages for improving motility rate.

If you need to order your set you can call Mercy on 08035394569 or 08024594410 (phone goes off 9pm so phone before that time to get answer)

Monday, 25 May 2015

Entreprenuer Opportunity: How To Make Over N200,000 Monthly

You are here because you want to make more money than you make now and this business presentation will do that for you. You need to remove every distractions and study this information carefully so as to take the decision that will set you free from money problems. Yes! Live your dreams after acting on this piece of information. I and my team are here to help you achieve your dreams!
Strong desire to get out of poverty will lead you to search for additional income and here is an opportunity to achieve that dream of financial freedom. This opportunity will wipe off your debts and help you pay cash for everything you wish to buy. You will stop borrowing to survive if you can read the whole presentation and take action. 
Start a gnld business of your own And Make Over N200,000 Monthly.
All you need to become a distributor of Neolife (GNLD) Company is to pay N10,800 and you will be given  two small cup of Tre-en-en (our star product). You will get an ID number plus an ID card  if you submit one color passport. This registration also gives you 34points and you can easily purchase oher products and add more points to this and earn a bonus (the company pay you part of the profits they made from the products you bought to you in form of bonus monthly) in your first month of joining the business opportunity. You get paid bonus monthly like salary but it is better than salary. Salary is fixed and there is nothing you can do about it. But you can easily increase your bonus any time you want by increasing the number of products you purchase in a month as your business grows.
There are two ways to run the gnld business opportunity
One is to buy products and sell to others at profit. This means you buy a product or vitamin from gnld at say N1,500 and you sell at N2,800 you now have a gross profit of  N1,300. The company has over 70 products to buy and sell. You can make lots of profit from any chosen area.
The product range includes:
1)      Nutritional Products       2) Skin care         3) Cleaning Products      4)Weight Loss Products
5) Garden & farm products  and 6) Herbal Alternatives
Nutritional products
Skin Care Products
Cleaning Products
Weight Loss Products
Garden & Farm Products
Herbal alternatives
This area is hot because people eat fast foods these days and most don’t remember to take fruit & vegetables so they easily breakdown or attacked by divert diseases
Everyone wants to look younger. Even men these days put on an touch to make them look great. Products in this category will help people look 10 years younger
These days most offices and homes use tiles and wish to keep their homes/offices clean. They also want to keep off germs and bad odor from their toilet etc. In fact anything water can touch will receive perfect cleaning without corrosion from this group.
A lot of people are struggling to lose weight and keep it off. This is where the gr2control comes in.
Many people who have pot belly or looking for tummy fat burner will use this program with happy result and no side effect
Garden owners will grow beautiful flowers to market with profit  and farmers will be happy to have harvest more from their farms if they use this products.
Hormonal imbalance for men and women is common these days. Digestive disorder is also common. Some people find it difficult to breathe freely or have asthma or can’t sleep well. People with stomach trouble will also benefit from this range of herbal remedy.

                                                See the video of our Nutritional here

                                   See the video of our Skincare products here

                                      See the video of our of Cleaning Products  here

                                        See the video of our Weight Loss program here
                                           See the video of farm & Garden product here

                                           See the video of Herbal Alternatives here

When you become a distributor, you decide which group you will like to follow and get trained on that range. Approach your target market with the products in your group and make lots of profit. You need proper training on the area of your choice. Free Training will be provided online or at gnld office depending on the distance. You can also equip yourself by buying the books at

If you want to buy and sell, l suggest you place order of 250 points, 500points or 1000points. This way, you can also earn a bonus from the company even though you did not sponsor or register anyone. I usually recommend 500points or 1000points and within one to two months you will have finish selling them. You could make 50% to 70% profit on your investment as profit. There are books that make customers call you to buy from you in the above site.
If you leave your money in the bank for 3 months, you can hardly make that kind of profit but you can finish selling every products you ordered within two months if you pass through my personal support and training. Just chose a category or group and l will send you the list of hot selling products in that group to order. All you need is the right flyers and books to equip yourself.

Note: Point is used by the company to record the products you bought. Every product has a point attached to it. You will see this in the business kit when you register. If you register or sponsor other people, there is a way the company will also record it for you.

The next way to run the gnld business opportunity is network marketing or the mlm system. This is an  opportunity to make money that will help you achieve your dreams faster.
If you will like to become financially free, you need to build network.
The reason most company workers end up poor after many years of working is that they work alone and they cannot hand over their job to their children when they retire.
Why work so hard for something you can’t handle over to your children? But if you build network for about 2-5 years, you can hand it over to your children if you want to retire and money will still be becoming.

Financial freedom is for people who build network. But before you can build a success network you need people (team), products, and huge capital. This is the reason why many people are poor. It is not easy to raise huge capital to start a business and get a team plus hot selling products. It is not easy to get the money to do that but when you join gnld company, you can start to learn how network marketing business works. The company already have hot selling products, team of staff to train and support you. All you need to is to connect customers or users. No need to stock huge stock or pass through the stress of NAFDAC registration etc.

Network  means many branches of any company  and this is what you see in banks, MTN etc,  they have many branches everywhere. If a branch brings 40 million profits in a year and they have 10 branches, how much do you think will come to the owners in one year? That is the benefit of network.  Get many people to join you and it will be like you have many branches too.

You can never make the kind of money that will help you live your dreams if you work alone. It could be in a job or owing one shop- tailoring or welding or even having a clinic run by yourself or being professional like being a lawyer etc you can’t hand this over to your children and because you work alone, you can hardly become financially free. You can live well when you strong to work but when you are getting old, the company can sack or retire  you  or you could be disqualified due to health issues. Many things work against anyone who works alone. But if you network with others,  you  have the opportunity to earn money while you are sick or retire and you can hand it over to your children. The reason is that your network is working on your behalf.

When you join gnld company, you network users to buy from the company. You don’t sell anything but introduce people monthly to the company to buy and use the products.
So let us say you introduce 20 persons who buy monthly from the company to use and you are paid N4,000 each for every one of them, how much will you get? That will be N80,000. That is the power of network marketing business. The more people you introduce the more money you make.

This means, you have branches but they are people not offices. This is the only way small man who have no huge capital can participate in network opportunity – that is opening branches that brings profit monthly or yearly.  JOIN HERE NOW!

The company calculate payment in points. For every product you buy or the people you introduced bought, they record the poins for you using your ID number. You can only be paid if you have ID number- that is if you are fully registered and have an ID number.

The people you register will be recorded in that ID number, no matter where they are, whether far from you or near. As far as you have an ID number, every point will be recorded for you.

How Do You Get Paid?
If you do 4000+ points you will be paid 25% ( N100,000 or more)
If You do 3000 ponts you will be paid 20% (N50,000 or more)
If you do 2000 points you will be paid 15% (N25,000 or more)
If you do 1000 points you will be paid 10% (N11,000 or more)
If you do 1000 points you will be paid 5% (N3,000 or more)
If you do 250 points you will be paid 3^ (N1,000 or more)
If you do less than any of the above points, you will not be paid any bonus. It is you want to enjoy financial freedom, you have to chose which points will meet your desire ambition or dreams.
To help you achieve the points faster, you can divide it among many people. Say you want the top of the chart which is 4000+points. You get 3 persons and yourself make 1000 points each monthly and you have achieved that group to earn N100,000 plus

There are higher points that attract high bonus pay out.
For example: Do 10,000 points with the people you register or sponsor and go home with N160,000 to N200,000. Do 20,000points with your people and get paid N300,000 and above. You will see more points and more money paid in your business kit.

There are many other incentives like leadership bonus and free travel to many countries of the world as you help others grow in your team. You will see them in the business kit when you register. For example, for every director you create in your team, you could be paid N40,000 monthly. Say you have 10 directors in your team, that will be N400,000.
                To Travel Free!
If you have 3 directors and have a total of 20,000 points you will be qualified to travel abroad free as soon as you do this three times within 6 months.
To Get Started In your NetWork Marketing, you need to build a solid based.
Below picture explain this better. Get 12 customers who can buy 100 points from the company monthly and get a minimum of 3 other persons who wish to start business to do the same – that is have 12 customers of their own and you will hit 5200 points which will help you to get paid N160,000 a month.
It is simple, the more people you have in your network and more points the more money you get paid monthly.

No points no payment of bonus from the company PERIOD. If you think you will just register and do nothing but expect bonus payment monthly, this business idea is not for you.

It is either you buy and sell to make profit  or  you do the network side by introducing people monthly who buy products to use or  to start their iwn business monthly. You must also do a minimum of 100points or service your 12 customers with a minimum of 100 point each. The 20 Ways to Personally Achieve 1000+Pv ebook will show you how you can do this easily. Get that book at

If you are ready to go through the step by step training, you can join the 10 days online training by submitting the form below.
If you will like to start the business without further delay then fill the application here and transfer the registration fee of N10,800 to GNLD Ltd Zenithbank 1010248345. Write Okpubigho Mercy & 887257 on the teller – the bank will need it to post your payment. After that call me to process your form and answer your questions. But you can get most of your questions answered at: frequently asked questions
You can also call Mercy to book an appointment to discuss this on _2348035394569 or _2348924594410.These numbers don’t receive calls after 9pm. You can also click here to see if there is a gnld distributor in your area.

There are other tools that will fastward your business. Get them and make money without stress in this business opportunity. Get them at

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Monday, 20 April 2015

GNLD Complete Weight Loss Video

Lose weight and keep it off!

Place order for weight loss program at or

We are looking for more representatives in major cities of Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya  to supply our customers. If you are interested please send your name, phone, address +2348035394569 or +2348024594410.


Order it here

Thursday, 19 February 2015

GNLD Business

Sign into 10 days free online training to learn about gnld business here.  You can print the application and fill then return to If you need any of the books here. Pay to Okpubigho Mercy Zenithbank 2000537711 and it will sent to your email box within 24hrs.
join the training here
A GNLD Business Will End Your Financial worries




Start A Small Business Ideas‎

If you want to start a small business l suggest your start your own gnld (now neolife) business. Gnld business is easy and cheap to start. You can run it part time or work from home. You don't need to stock goods or use huge capital to start. With just N10,800 you can start.Start A Small Business Ideas‎

The company is into health and wellness industry. They produce home cleaning products, nutritional products, skincare products and farm chemicals that increase crops yield.

See pictures of what the company is into below.

Formula IV Plus-GNLD

Formula iv plusFormula IV Plus-GNLD
Formula iv is loaded with additional minerals and 50% tre-en-en. It is iron free!
Order it at

Benefits of GNLD formula iv plus
Scientists continue to confirm that, there’s more to nutrition than just the classic vitamins and minerals. As important as these nutrients are to optimal health, we’re also learning that phytonutrients, enzymes, trace minerals and others play equally important role. The human body requires a wide variety of nutrients to be its healthy best. Many modern diets rely on processed staple foods which have been stripped of nutrients important for cell function, especially lipids and sterols. Other modern foods lack important trace minerals due to over processing. The GNLD Formula IV or IV plus delivers a wide array of vitamins plus important minerals. It contains Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates which strengthens the function of all “links” in the “chain of life” by providing lipids and sterols, vitamins, mineral and enzymes, as well as key nutrients for the body’s digestion.
No matter how good your diet, your vitality and health won’t be well supported if your cells don’t receive the nutrients they need.  Whereas other supplements don’t even begin to cover the “basics” of human nutrition, Formula IV and Formula IV Plus clearly go well beyond just the basics.
For decades literally thousands of GNLD customers have reported increased energy and vitality while using Formula IV/Formula IV plus. These products bridge the dietary gaps. People around the world turn to Formula IV/Formula IV plus for their “dietary insurance” a way they can be sure each day that they are receiving the complete, balanced nutrition their bodies need.
Other benefits and uses:
·         Wipe away waist, body ache and pains
·         Gives energy & vitality
·         Bridge the dietary gaps
·         Fever of all types
·         Hormonal imbalance
·         Boost sexual drive (add masculine herbal complex and chelated zinc)
·         Restores stopped menses to normal
·         Fast recovery from child birth
·         For good vision or eye sight
·         Menopause problems
·         Rapid recovery from sickness
·         Youthful and vitality

Do you know you can register as member if you want to just use products constantly and buy cheaper? Yes and it is FREE! Click here now to register.

If you don't know which product to use to improve your health then order the ebook"Effective Combination of GNLD Supplements" it explain the products you can use and the right dosage that works. Pay to Okpubigho Mercy Zenithbank 2000537711. We will send it to your email box to download and use after we got your payment alert. So send your email address after payment.


Omega 3 benefits

Omega 3

Scientific research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids are more powerful than we thought.  The research has confirmed that there are eight family of omega-3 fatty acids.
Now GNLD has come out with the best and complete omega-3 supplement due to new technology. No risk of toxins, finest, top quality, and healthy screen fish (screen from over 160 potential contaminants).
Ultra high potency omega-3 fatty acids (UHP03) deliver 460mg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), 480mg DGA, (docosahexaeoic acid) 50mg DPA (docosapentaenoic acid) and 80mg of mixed omega-3 fatty acids from every 3 capsules.
This 8 family omega-3 supports optimal performance. 
Click on picture to order the product.

Other benefits include:
1.      Building block for all cells, tissue, organs and system of the body
2.      Cognitive skills through brain improvement and so prevent Alzheimer disease
3.      Development of the unborn child or fetus
4.      Maintain and repair brain
5.      Decrease risk of heart attack, thrombotic stroke, arthritis, asthma, colitis, headaches, menstrual cramp and osteoporosis.
6.      Slow down aging process of the brain
7.      Good for rheumatoid arthritis
8.      Helps in healing joint injury or inflammation
9.      Free blood from stickiness
10.  Makes arteries and veins flexible and elastic
11.  Prevent serious long-term health problems, e.g. cancer
12.  Supports healthy and flexible joints
13.  Keeps heart healthy

Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus (90 capsules) It is more powerful than the Omega 3 (100 capsules). The reason is that it has all the 8 members of  omega-3 fatty acids family.

Meet the whole eight family of omega-3 fatty acids
·         ALA-Alpha-Linolenic Acid
·         SDA-stearidonic acid
·         ETRA(3) eicosatraenoic acid
·         ETA –eicosatetraenoic acid
·         EPA-eicosapentaenoic acid
·         HPA-heneicosapentaenoic acid
·         DPA docosapentaenoic acid
·         DHA docosahexaeoic acid

If you are not eating two to three servings of fatty fish each week, you are not getting enough EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).
Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are called “essential” because the human body cannot produce them in sufficient quantities, so they must be supplied in the diet.  The body can make EPA and DHA from linolenic acid but this process is slow and unreliable. It is more efficient to obtain them directly from the diet as pre-formed nutrients, the way they are found in fish oil. For the health and protective benefits that can be obtained from diet rich in essential fatty acids, supplementation with top quality salmon oil is necessary. GNLD world leaders in advanced nutrition provide the power of omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet through the very finest Omega-3 Salmon Oil capsules. Make the exceptional product a part of your health strategy every day!

Order this product at or call Mercy to place order on 08035394569 or 08024594410.

Over the years, l had tried various products without appreciable improvement in the severe leg cramps and ankle pain that l suffered from but since switching to GNLD’s Omega-3 and Tre-en-en l have undergone a remarkable improvement and can walk freely once more without pain and cramping at night. I’ve been given a new lease on life at 75 years of age.” Thanks to GNLD!...Nelly Muller

Many years ago, l developed tennis elbow and was due for surgery but then decided to go on a strict GNLD Omega-3 programme of 6 a day. The results were unbelievable! My doctor eventually informed me that it was not necessary to have the surgery anymore. I have also suffered with arthritis in my hip but now have no pain in my body because of the wonder product. I have been taking GNLD’s Omega-3 for 18 years and l simply cannot do without it. As a result l share this product with people everywhere l go!... Jeanette Baigent